My Writing “Secrets”: Part 2

How I write?

Wow, this is very hard to put in words, lol, but I will try.

I start to write as soon as I can in the morning, usually after my morning routine, and I also love to write at night when everyone is asleep (2am-5am).

The ideas of the last 3 projects I mentioned in part 1 came to me in my dreams, seriously, they kept hunting my dreams; they didn’t let go, not until I would write the story down. Not all stories come to me in this manner, but most of them did, lol.

After my morning routine, I sit at our kitchen table, with a few papers, pens and markers. I start writing whatever comes to mind, even if it’s just about my daily life (letting the creative juices flow). It takes me a few minutes to get into the right focus, in most cases I doodle a mind map of my story, I write random things as well (names, places, short plots and other related things).

This takes me about an hour or so and by then I have a good idea of how my story will unfold. At about 11am I grab my laptop and start the real writing. I open my favorite program called DARK ROOM, stare at the black screen for a moment and start jotting down all that I can think about that relates to my story, chapter by chapter and page by page, I love the flow of writing as it just pours out, forcing its way to be written.

Later I go to the couch, lay there with a pillow on my back and my laptop on my thighs. I look a bit at the story and what I wrote so far. I try my hardest not to edit a word (I learned that from doing NaNoWriMo) and write freely without that editor in my head.


I heard that lot of people love to go to coffee shops, but sadly I can’t afford to sit down at a café and write there for hours. So I listen to the café noises online or to the rain (Rainy Mood), any white noise that will not cause a distraction is good for me.

I love writing when I am alone, don’t know why… There’s something very safe in that, but I did write in a café as well and there is something very unique in that, it’s like you are alone but not. I wish I could do that more but I am very happy writing at home as well, in the comfort of my home and tons of coffee, lol.

At about 3 pm I stop and go on with my to-do list or other things I need to do that day.

I am a very passionate planner, I plan everything, lol. I use a simple planner that I love to doodle in and decorate, I write everything I need to do in my life and everything I need to accomplish in my writing (I also use my phone’s built-in calendar, so that I’ll have a backup for my events), But when I plan my work as a writer, and now a blogger, I try to plan it in more detail so I will know what my next move is. I write in the corner of the planner what I am about to write next in my story, an idea for a blog post or ideas about my novel, anything that could keep me away from the writer’s block. If you plan what’s your next move will be, next time you go into the story, you will have a point of reference to go to and avoid getting writer’s block.

If you missed Part 1 Just click to go and read it 🙂

Sorry for the long and don’t forget to share how’s your writing routine.

P.S. I found a great article about writing routine.

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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13 thoughts on “My Writing “Secrets”: Part 2

  1. I loved reading about your routine and I love that idea of jotting notes on your planner for the writing stint the next day. Just having my daily calender printout in front of me lets me see how much time I waste. Thanks for the follow, appreciated. 🙂 I hope you feel better soon.

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  2. Great post , and the article is so great made mean a write a book even though I never considered myself doing that. Looking fw to read your next post. Oh and also took your advice with the white noise it’s very calming down (I need that) love the rain mood site 🙂 thanks

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cool to read about how you approach writing. That part about you doodling a mind map of the story with pens and markers is really neat. That’s something I haven’t tried, might have to give that shot 🙂

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