My Writing “Secret”: Part 3

We’ve reached the final part of my writing “secrets” and here I tell you a few thing about writer’s block. I sometimes get writer’s block, but it happens mostly when life gets too emotianl or too eventful and I am blocked out of my creative juices.

What’s Is a Writer’s Block For me?

For over 8 years I wrote my first try at a Fantasy novel series. I completed 3 books and started on the forth of that series. I wrote a lot, researched, edited and pushed through every little block I had.

Then the most horrible event happened, this event changed everything in me and how I write, I lost my usb flash drive and I lost all of my writings, all my notes, everything I had written was lost (I didn’t backup up my writing but now I do).

I was devastated to say the least. I wanted to stop writing. I got a huge writer’s block that I couldn’t get out of. It was as if a black hole had swallowed me whole. I saw nothing!

It felt as if my imagination had dried up completely, and I could never write again. I was so heartbroken that I even stopped writing a journal, a diary or even read a book, I just stopped.

Writing these words about my lost work still brings me to tears, even now.


So How Did I Come Out Of It?

Well… After awhile life got a bit calmer and I returned to my drawing or doodling and slowly my imagination started to kick in and I doodled more. I started to write poems and lyrics to my own melodies and soon after that I went back to journal my thoughts.

Writing, sadly, didn’t come easy at that point. I would go to my laptop, stare at the white screen and after a half an hour I closed the laptop. I couldn’t write anything that relates to a novel.

Now that I knew that I can see things again, I went back to reading books, lots of books. I ate those books one by one, so fast… It felt as if my mind and soul is craving for them as if I was hungry for years and years. I read 6 books in a week on average. I was thirsty for words, new places, exciting characters and I continued to read, until I was full (if that sounds even remotely rational).

From then on I picked the pen and started writing, and I never stopped, yet. It’s true that there are points in life when events are too demanding and you cannot write, but when I have a few moments to myself I sit down and write. No matter if it’s only a sentence, an idea, something that will motivate me to go on, to dig deeper into the new world I have created.

This is what keeps my motivation alive, keeps me pushing through it all and transforms both my writing and myself to a more professional level, so I could be the author I know I can be and share my writing with my readers. This is what keeps me motivated to work harder, write more, write better and accomplish more as an aspiring author.

That is all guys, we reached the end. Hope you enjoyed these 3 parts and I hope it wasn’t too long.

Do you get writer’s block? How do you get out of it? Share if you want about your writing process 🙂


If you missed part 1 or part 2, just click to read what you missed.

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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19 thoughts on “My Writing “Secret”: Part 3

    1. Thank you so much ❤ Yes, you must back up everything 🙂
      My writing now is growing great, thank you so much in 2 days I've written 30 pages. For me it's great ❤
      Hope you having a great Sunday Heena 🙂

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  1. I had a writing teacher who said her main advice for writer’s block was… fanny down. Sit and start writing… preferably every day. It doesn’t have to be for long or yield tons of words, but your brain gets into the habit and before long, you’ll have something to show for it.

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    1. It’s soooo true, writing everyday helps a lot. In the morning I try to write just in few bursts of 15min for an hour then I sit for a longer time… a few hours.


  2. Meant to mention that I also had a newly purchased laptop crash on me. I learned my lesson, I use DropBox for my backup now and have for almost two years. I love it. I can work from anywhere on any computer. Small account is free but I’m up to a paid one and it is still worth it.

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  3. I just got off more than a year of writer’s block, which by the way I never believed in. I finally discovered it was due to two things, two many rejections and a new medical issues. Once I got realized about the medical issue, I decided I couldn’t let that hold me down, then I made up my mind that rejections are part of the process of being a short story writer. Now I have a list of ideas, a file of edited stories that need a home, and I am back to writing every day. I did NaNoWriMo this year with a memoir/journal type novel making myself write 2K a day, and writing before I went online…and it worked. If this idea helps someone else, I’ll be happy.

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    1. Wow… so happy to see you out of thay 🙂 Rejections are part of our lives as writers,but it’s still hard.
      Writing everyday, before going online is a greay idea. I need to work on that much harder, lol.


  4. Well this kind of situation seems really common Galit. Once, I was writing my Compilation of Short Stories and one day the power went out and I forgotten to save the file in time. Ohh what a loss it was for me. I started to cry endless nights. And stopped writing for almost a month. I stayed away from my laptop.

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  5. I used to get writer’s block all the time. However, I think that was more to do with the fact that I never wanted to plan out any of my stories, and that I was not ready to really commit to writing. Ever since I made the mental shift to commit fully to my writing, I haven’t had a problem.

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    1. I know… It happened to me as well, only a few years back. The moment I started to tcommit to writing and see myself as a future author and not a hobby, I mostly never get writer’s block.
      Since then I think I had it twice: once when i lost my usb :,( and the other was mom got her cva.

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