Can I Have Another Question?

I have done a small series of ‘What, Why and How I’m Writing‘ but here I want to talk about the art of asking questions while you write your novel.

When you start your writing, whether it’s a novel, an essay or anything that you’re feeling creative about. Now it’s just a start of an idea – we all know that 😉 But what’s next?

After years of writing, I found that sometimes a story just falls apart. The main reason for that is that the author had stopped asking questions! It’s simple as that.

Now I know it sounds a bit silly, but it did take me a while to ask questions about everything major and minor that happens in my story.

Let’s say you have a perfect idea, wonderful characters and your words just keeps the reader on the edge of their sit. But somewhere in the middle, the plot holes begin to slow the reader down and in a worst-case scenario, the reader just doesn’t finish the book.

I learned from the people around me (My mom, my best friend, and hubby) to ask lots of question from the very beginning. as I start the outline or even before, as I take note of the idea.


A girl learns that she has a special gift.


Who is this girl? What’s her name? How she looks? How old is this girl? Where she lives? What about her family?

How she learns about her gift? What is her gift? Is she the only one with this gift? What can she do with this gift? Can she hurt someone with her gift? How will she use her gift around others? What are the dangers about her gift? Can she turn it off? What will happen to her?

While writing all these questions I already thought of much more and a story started to form and more ideas came in my head. The more questions I can ask, for me, the better the story will be 😉

There are great stories that the author just rolls with what happens and not questioning things while writing. But when you get stuck it’s nice to know where to go, that is why I love writing questions.

I admit that I do this in the outline mostly and to the major plot and main characters, but it still helps me see far beyond the initial idea and I get a deeper look into my characters thoughts and world.

Do you ask questions while writing? If you do, how you do that?

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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Life In Words


When I was a kid (and even now) people liked to tell me to get a life. To pull my nose out of the books and start living. I guess they never understood that I already had a full life, a life in words.

I remember the first words that sprung my imagination and made me see things beyond the black letters plainly written on the white page. They were words that made me hear music, words that made me smell sweet and wonderful smells and words that made me see the magic for the first time.

All this started when my mom used to read me short poems almost every night and with her soft almost hypnotic tone I was deep in my imagination and saw nothing but life in the words she read so beautifully.

When I looked at the page trying hard to make the letters and start reading, the letters danced in front of me, taunting with my eyes as I looked at them again and again. From random letters, I could imagine a new poem, a secret poem that only I knew and I alone. I saw the words take life, acting a scene of magical beauty. When I was older I already knew the secret, a secret that others couldn’t see and it made it even more special for me.

No matter how much my friend tried and no matter how much I tried to show her, she never seemed to see it and feel it. It felt as if an entire world was concealed from her, she read the words but they felt plain or ordinary to her.

I never understood why.

Why can’t she see how much life exist in a simple word? A word like ‘lullaby’ takes form in front of me. Dancing to hushed tunes, or a little fairy floating on colorful flowers in a secret garden. A simple word as a ‘chair’ shows so much proud and respect, such simplicity, and glory. It seemed as if the word itself is bursting with movement and joy and life.

To her, it was just a word and nothing more. To me, it was as if they were alive.

It really fascinates me every time that there are people out there who can’t feel and see the life in words, can’t see anything beyond the written letter and their meaning. Now that I am all grown up, I know it’s ok that they can’t see beyond that.

Now I know how I can show them my secret and hopefully, they will see beyond and feel the life and excitement in the letters, the same way I see them.

I can feel the words, flying all around me, dancing in all the colors of the rainbow, singing in my ear. I feel their warmth or coldness and I know they are alive just waiting to be discovered like a magical unicorn so rare, yet so precious.

This just who I am, I guess 🙂

What do words mean to you? I would love to hear your thoughts and I hope this post wasn’t too weird for you 😉

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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My Writing “Secret”: Part 3

We’ve reached the final part of my writing “secrets” and here I tell you a few thing about writer’s block. I sometimes get writer’s block, but it happens mostly when life gets too emotianl or too eventful and I am blocked out of my creative juices.

What’s Is a Writer’s Block For me?

For over 8 years I wrote my first try at a Fantasy novel series. I completed 3 books and started on the forth of that series. I wrote a lot, researched, edited and pushed through every little block I had.

Then the most horrible event happened, this event changed everything in me and how I write, I lost my usb flash drive and I lost all of my writings, all my notes, everything I had written was lost (I didn’t backup up my writing but now I do).

I was devastated to say the least. I wanted to stop writing. I got a huge writer’s block that I couldn’t get out of. It was as if a black hole had swallowed me whole. I saw nothing!

It felt as if my imagination had dried up completely, and I could never write again. I was so heartbroken that I even stopped writing a journal, a diary or even read a book, I just stopped.

Writing these words about my lost work still brings me to tears, even now.


So How Did I Come Out Of It?

Well… After awhile life got a bit calmer and I returned to my drawing or doodling and slowly my imagination started to kick in and I doodled more. I started to write poems and lyrics to my own melodies and soon after that I went back to journal my thoughts.

Writing, sadly, didn’t come easy at that point. I would go to my laptop, stare at the white screen and after a half an hour I closed the laptop. I couldn’t write anything that relates to a novel.

Now that I knew that I can see things again, I went back to reading books, lots of books. I ate those books one by one, so fast… It felt as if my mind and soul is craving for them as if I was hungry for years and years. I read 6 books in a week on average. I was thirsty for words, new places, exciting characters and I continued to read, until I was full (if that sounds even remotely rational).

From then on I picked the pen and started writing, and I never stopped, yet. It’s true that there are points in life when events are too demanding and you cannot write, but when I have a few moments to myself I sit down and write. No matter if it’s only a sentence, an idea, something that will motivate me to go on, to dig deeper into the new world I have created.

This is what keeps my motivation alive, keeps me pushing through it all and transforms both my writing and myself to a more professional level, so I could be the author I know I can be and share my writing with my readers. This is what keeps me motivated to work harder, write more, write better and accomplish more as an aspiring author.

That is all guys, we reached the end. Hope you enjoyed these 3 parts and I hope it wasn’t too long.

Do you get writer’s block? How do you get out of it? Share if you want about your writing process 🙂


If you missed part 1 or part 2, just click to read what you missed.

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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My Writing “Secrets”: Part 2

How I write?

Wow, this is very hard to put in words, lol, but I will try.

I start to write as soon as I can in the morning, usually after my morning routine, and I also love to write at night when everyone is asleep (2am-5am).

The ideas of the last 3 projects I mentioned in part 1 came to me in my dreams, seriously, they kept hunting my dreams; they didn’t let go, not until I would write the story down. Not all stories come to me in this manner, but most of them did, lol.

After my morning routine, I sit at our kitchen table, with a few papers, pens and markers. I start writing whatever comes to mind, even if it’s just about my daily life (letting the creative juices flow). It takes me a few minutes to get into the right focus, in most cases I doodle a mind map of my story, I write random things as well (names, places, short plots and other related things).

This takes me about an hour or so and by then I have a good idea of how my story will unfold. At about 11am I grab my laptop and start the real writing. I open my favorite program called DARK ROOM, stare at the black screen for a moment and start jotting down all that I can think about that relates to my story, chapter by chapter and page by page, I love the flow of writing as it just pours out, forcing its way to be written.

Later I go to the couch, lay there with a pillow on my back and my laptop on my thighs. I look a bit at the story and what I wrote so far. I try my hardest not to edit a word (I learned that from doing NaNoWriMo) and write freely without that editor in my head.


I heard that lot of people love to go to coffee shops, but sadly I can’t afford to sit down at a café and write there for hours. So I listen to the café noises online or to the rain (Rainy Mood), any white noise that will not cause a distraction is good for me.

I love writing when I am alone, don’t know why… There’s something very safe in that, but I did write in a café as well and there is something very unique in that, it’s like you are alone but not. I wish I could do that more but I am very happy writing at home as well, in the comfort of my home and tons of coffee, lol.

At about 3 pm I stop and go on with my to-do list or other things I need to do that day.

I am a very passionate planner, I plan everything, lol. I use a simple planner that I love to doodle in and decorate, I write everything I need to do in my life and everything I need to accomplish in my writing (I also use my phone’s built-in calendar, so that I’ll have a backup for my events), But when I plan my work as a writer, and now a blogger, I try to plan it in more detail so I will know what my next move is. I write in the corner of the planner what I am about to write next in my story, an idea for a blog post or ideas about my novel, anything that could keep me away from the writer’s block. If you plan what’s your next move will be, next time you go into the story, you will have a point of reference to go to and avoid getting writer’s block.

If you missed Part 1 Just click to go and read it 🙂

Sorry for the long and don’t forget to share how’s your writing routine.

P.S. I found a great article about writing routine.

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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My Writing “Secrets”: Part 1

I always loved to read about other peoples creative process.  So I wanted to share with you mine, As I promised a few posts ago (Click here), that I will share with you about my projects, so here it is.

I started writing this post and I couldn’t stop. I wanted to share with you a lot of information and the post became too long so I divided it into 3 sections, hope you’ll enjoy reading them, just as much as I enjoyed writing them ❤

So… What am I working on? You might ask…

I really love to have a few writing projects (or other types) at any given time, I get bored very quickly and lose momentum if I only work on only one thing, I like the variety and that I can change things depending on how my life is going or my mood 😉

I have 3 major projects I am currently working on and a few small ones:

  • A Science Fiction standalone novel (this one came as surprise to me, but I love it) which I am working hard to finish and hopefully after proofreading and editing I will send it out to the big world in hopes that it will grow up nicely ❤
  • A YA Romance standalone book, this book as well is a bit new for me (the genre I mean, lol).
  • A Children’s Fantasy series, here I am at the editing stage of the first draft 🙂
  • I really want to re-type the books I’ve lost (more details in part 3), I still have them printed out (most of the work)but I need to re-type them and there are tons of papers there 😦
  • I have a few post ideas for this blog and other blog-related ideas, that I will share with you slowly.

Why I write?

I wrote a blog before but it didn’t click right. With this blog, I feel more connected to the people and to the large community of WordPress.

Over the years I’ve learned so much about writing and life, but about the writing, the learning was amazing for me.

I changed so much as a person because of my writing and I’ve changed my style as well, in fact, all these new and old changes were the things that gave me the courage to start this blog, to finally share bits of my life and even share more about my writing.

Writing for me is like air or like the morning coffee, I just have to write. No matter if it’s a book, a journal, a diary or a blog. I have to put the words down on paper (or e-paper, lol).

No matter how much life is getting hard I still believe in magic, in people, but mostly I am a strong believer of expressing your individuality in any way that may help you or even help others. This is the main reason why I write and why I believe, with a full heart, that I am a writer and that I was meant to share my words.

I started to write as a child, building worlds and characters. Some stories were meant to be just stories and some helped me to deal with hardships in my life. Writing kept me sane when everything around me collapsed, it helped me keep memories better and in the past few years, I also learned to share and make my writing more public… Just taking the risk and sharing scared me a lot, it still scares me.

That’s it for part 1, it’s still long I am sorry for that… Hope it wasn’t too long, lol.

More to come… Part 2 and Part 3 🙂

Have a great day & Thank you so much for reading ❤


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