Imagination And Inspiration



Some days I’m just tapped out of imagination and inspiration and even motivation, lol.

I saw SpongeBob on t.v. today (yes! I’m a grown woman watching SpongeBob… :D) and after I haven’t written for more then a week, I felt my creativity have dried out… anyway, I saw how happy SpongeBob is, and how creative he is, just by doing the things he love.

This quickly reminded me of the things I love to do in order to feel more creative… πŸ™‚

I’ve become from this (picture on the left) to this (picture o the right):


Imagination may come from many directions, not just from within.

It can come from anything you do and seeΒ or smell, that suddenly sparks something in you and inspire you to be creative.

It’s true that in some days it is more of a struggle then usual, but being reminded of that by your best friend, a book you read, or a cute t.v. show helps a lot to regain that creativity and welcome back the muse who you ignored for far too long.

So I wrote a poem (just to start the creative stream flowing), I played with picmonkey (love that site), and then put my favorite music on (rainy mood) and started writing in my black room. I wrote so fast that I even didn’t notice it was noon already. I didn’t write a lot, but what I wrote was good and I knew that these scenes will not be deleted πŸ˜€

So even if you feel that you don’t have the imagination to do something, it just means you need a little inspiration. Go find what inspires you and I am sure that soon enough you will get inspired by some little thing and it will spark a new idea and soon enough your imagination will grow and flow smoothly, giving you tons of ways to express yourself in any way you choose.

Have fun, imagining & Thank you for reading ❀


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5 thoughts on “Imagination And Inspiration

  1. thats so true, the process of creation starts for me , from feeling good, doing little things i like, and then yes even the silliest thing could inspire me, so i relate alot to what you wrote proudly and rightly ❀ thank you for that tip :):):)
    and congrats on the flow of writing yay πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much hun for the kind words.
      I do try as much as I can to do things (even the little ones) I like and love in order to feel better and connect. It is hard at somedays, but it’s worth it


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