Dos and Don’ts on Writing a Book Blurb

Great tips to get me started ๐Ÿ™‚

Nicholas C. Rossis

From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Image:

The inspiration forย this post came from a little gem I found onย the Passive Guyโ€™s Newsletterย (if you arenโ€™t already a subscriber, what are you waiting for? Itโ€™s free!). After some heavy editing, it ended up as this post.

The original post came from the Self Publishing Review, if you wish to see itย in its entirety.

Writing a Book Blurb

By far, the weakest part of many self-published books is the synopsis*. Writing a decent blurb is an art form totally separate from writing a book.

Authors, myself included, often feelย this is their least favorite part of the process. It can make you feel icky writing superlatives about your own book. At the same time, too many superlatives can literally be icky (โ€œA work of geniusโ€ comes to mind). A good blurb needs to strike a balance between being informative, but not too informative, salesy, but notโ€ฆ

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