Guest Post: How to Stay Sane While Writing By I.L. Cruz

Writing is a funny profession. I spend most of my time with different voices in my head or trying to understand intangibles like motivation, arcs, and dimensions. I don’t always understand it and the only rule that is absolute is “don’t be boring”. Those are the bullet points everyone talks about and I was prepared … More Guest Post: How to Stay Sane While Writing By I.L. Cruz

My 4 NaNoWriMo Tips

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) has started (yay) and what made this even more special, rain has finally arrived. Rain is here Brainstorm Take a bit of time to just brainstorm your idea. Write how you see the story starts and how it might end. Knowing how it will end, will help you when you get … More My 4 NaNoWriMo Tips

Friday Musing

Hey everyone, happy Friday to you all ❤ I hope your weekend had started out well and continue to be amazing and creative. Mine started out with me waking up at 6:30 in the morning, hubby being sick and going through tons of medical documents for my mom 😉 I guess I wasn’t meant to … More Friday Musing

Weekly Round Up

Hey everyone, hope you are having a nice day 🙂 My week was hectic and full of doctor appointments, lol, and there much more to come the next few weeks. It’s been hard on my mom as well as on me, but things need to get done and there’s no way to run from it. … More Weekly Round Up