Hello 2021 and Hey You <3

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here (Like almost a year, I can’t believe that). My mom was sick badly in her last couple of months, and after my mom passed away, I didn’t feel like writing anything, let alone share my thoughts online. I miss her smile, her soft voice and our long conversations. I don’t want to talk much about my mom passing away right now, but maybe someday ❤

After about six months since she passed away (I still can’t believe she is gone), I started my youtube channel that my mom and I talked about a lot. My mom always wanted me to start a youtube channel. So I finally started. It’s a Junk Journal / Mixed Media Journal / Bullet Journal Channel where I journaled a lot about my mom, and I am ready to remember our good times, our long and wonderful conversations, and not her last week at the hospital.

It is still hard to put things out there, but I am ready for it … I am ready to get back here as well.

I am sorry, it took me this long, but I guess I needed this break. This blog is very important to me, and I miss you all so much, so I decided it was time 🙂 This blog will undergo some changes that will fit my new style and my new schedule better. So will see how it will go.

So my new plan for this blog is to post about books and writing but I also want to post more about my other interests. I yet know the full details but it will go under some small changes, and slowly I want to have a place to share my life and my writing, but also my art and other things that I am interested to share.

👉 For now… I will post once a week on Tuesday. I have an upcoming book review that will be posted on Saturday, but after that on Tuesdays 😀


“The Robin trusts her wings not the branch she sits on.” – Whispering Woods Inspiration Cards

Stay safe, warm, and kind ❤

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