Book Review: Of Demon Kind by Wendy L. Anderson

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend, and that you are staying safe. Today, I’m excited to review Wendy L. Anderson’s book – Of Demon King, so grab a cup of hot coffee (or tea) 😀 and keep reading.

Author: Wendy L. Anderson
Series: Kingdom of Jior Series
Pages: 201 Pages
Genre: Fantasy. Romance.
Publication Date: November 14th, 2016
Publisher: Infinity Publishing


Prince Lorn of Jior is what’s left of an evil empire. King Kullorn was the epitome of evil. Together they led demon hordes reaping death and destruction. Kullorn is killed, leaving Lorn alone to wallow in the desolation of defeat. Years later, Lorn is accused of following in his father’s footsteps and kidnapping Princess Lililaira. Risking capture, imprisonment and death Lorn attempts to learn who is using his name to start another war. During a rescue of the Princess, Lorn is badly wounded and they must fight to remain together as he is healed by her, body, heart and soul. 

5 Stars

Before I’ll go deeper into this review, I wanted to say a few things.
It’s been almost a year since I’ve read a book. I was too occupied taking care of my mom, and at the end of the day, I was too exhausted to read anything. Why am I sharing this in a book review? Well, it’s because I wanted you to know where I was when I accepted this book and where I am right now. After finishing this book, it reunited me with books and fantasy again, after a very long time without books. Thank you Wendy for that ❤

From the blurb, you can already tell this book is worth reading and I am so happy I did. This book has adventure through a beautiful landscape, it has war, love, good vs. evil, and more things that will easily sweep you off.

In most Fantasy books and here as well, it takes a bit of time to enter deeper into the plot, and for me a bit into the story, I started to get swept away into the world and I was more invested in the characters.
I will say that Romance is not really my favorite read but here the scenes were written well and beautifully and everything was very tasteful, and I enjoyed reading these parts as well.

The story follows a prince Lorn, who fell off his path and lost everything until he discovers all the hate and lies people are telling about him to start another war in his name, and he sets off to set things right again and he even finds love as well.

I loved the contrast of Good vs. Evil, it was nothing like other fantasy books here we get a wonderful viewpoint from the Evil perspective as well and I loved every moment reading it. It was a nice twist to feel sorrow for the “bad” side, and Wendy has done it masterfully here. The story is full of plot twists and new things that change how you feel and how you see the characters. It reminds me a lot of Lord of The Rings landscape and very harsh contrast of good vs. evil, I love it.

I love the characters so much and I am so invested in them, you can tell that Wendy spends time with them, because they feel so real and so detailed that I want to know more about them. The Princess is so different from what you think she is at the first time you see her, I love the arc behind her and behind the other characters.

For me, the world-building was done beautifully here, you can easily see the landscape of the beautiful Kingdom of Jior (I always have a hard time describing the landscape, lol), from the mountains to a cave, you can see it and you want to be there going with them through their hard but exciting adventures.

This book ends with a cliffhanger that surprised me very much and I can’t wait to go read the next book 😀 This book is part of a series so you will have a lot of books to binge on, and this book is the best start for the series. Luckily Wendy gifted me with the entire series so I can keep on reading without any wait 😀 And of course, I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, it is well deserved and a very easy 5 stars to give.

*** Thank you so much, Wendy L. Anderson, for providing me a copy of “Of Demon Kind” in exchange for an honest review.

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As always, thank you so much for reading and stay safe ❤

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