Happy Halloween


Happy (and scary) Halloween 😉

If you are celebrating Halloween… I hope you are having tons of fun and eating lots of yummy candies 😀 Here we don’t celebrate this holiday, but I still watching some good and classic scary movies and eating a few (or a lot) of candies.

I wish you a wonderful and spooky night (not too scary of course, lol) and if you are trick or treating with your kids or just you, please stay safe and may you have a huge loot of candies ❤

Thank you so much for reading and how are you celebrating Halloween? 

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Friday Musing


It’s Friday, yay and here at Coffee n’ Notes it’s time for Friday Musing 🙂

This week had a weird combination of an easy and busy week, lol, a very weird combination but that’s how it felt :D. My fridge shelf, that broke over 2 months ago, is really hard to replace, lol, they keep sending the wrong part (annoying, but we keep waiting).

My mom is doing okay, but we had a few hard days, but she is getting better and stronger ❤ I saw her walk today for a few minutes and it was amazing. I could barely hold myself from crying (a proud cry and a happy cry).

Along with the busy days and excitement about my mom and the new game expansion of gw2 (Heart Of Thorns), I haven’t noticed that Nano is only 2 days away (OMG!). Life is so crazy and soon it will be even crazier, lol. I am so excited about this Nano and I do hope to win this year 😀

My major ‘Musing’ for this week, hmm… I have to say it is the near event of NaNoWriMo but also going out with my mom shopping. You see… Going shopping with my mom is very rare and to sit down with her and shop till we drop was so nice and even I didn’t realize just how much I missed it ❤

NaNoWriMo is creeping up on me fast, building both fear and excitement in me. Now, even though I had already prepared myself with an outline of my second book: New Earth in The Earth Legacy Series, new stories pop up flooding my thoughts and dreams with new stories and new characters, jumping all around me craving for their spotlight to shine through.

And… It’s Halloween! How cool is that? Here we do not celebrate Halloween, but hubby and I feel it in the game with the many costumes and amazing mini-games 😀 I will Instagram about that throughout the weekend 🙂

I hope wherever you are, you are having nothing but fun and enjoy your time with your loved ones and stay tuned for tomorrow at Coffee n’ Notes 😉

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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Happy Halloween

Goodbye 2014

Bye Bye

It is time to say goodbye to another year.

I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of 2014 and I’m here writing my last post of the year (well the last before the last one, lol). Where has the time gone?

So much has happened this year, good & bad. I failed almost in all of my goals that I have set for myself for this year, lol, but I did manage to learn so much about myself and see others through clearer goggles. I was able, by the end of the year, to be more assertive about people’s requests but also I am more motivated to accomplish what I want (why couldn’t it come earlier… oh well).

I wanted to share with you the 4 most important things I’ve learned this year… So here they are.

Time management. This is very hard for me and I still struggle with this. In order for me to be more productive in my work, hobbies and also having time for my family & friends, I had to learn to manage my time better, much better! This means giving up on other things, there is no other way.

Putting yourself and your needs first. OK! This is by far the hardest for me yet. I am getting better at identifying when someone truly needs me at that moment or it can wait for a while. I am still working on this, but I did learn, the hard way, that if I don’t put my need first, no one will. I will never accomplish what I want for myself and that will be a shame.

Positive thoughts go a long way. This is something I’ve learned that helped me in every aspect of my life.

Sharing my writing or sharing in general, is truly great and extremely helpful in order to get a better understanding of my readers and meet new people… I’ve grown to love it very much.

There are a few things I still need to learn and do better at, but that’s why there are New Year’s Resolutions, lol.

As I look back at the crazy year that almost gone, there is one thing that I am more than happy about and that is, You! I’ve been so lucky to make this blog and meet so many fantastic and creative people online. It means so much to me that someone out there found my blog and decides to read, share, and engage with me through comments and through other social media I am on. This is, by far, was the best part of my year (I know it may sound lame, but that’s the truth).

This blog is still young (almost 3 months), but I already learned so much and that is extremely precious to me. Thank you so much for being here for me and I hope you continue with me as we enter the new year of 2015 towards new adventures.

So, what’s next for me?

Well… That’s for a whole new post 😉

But for now, I would love to know how are you closing the year of 2014? Are you excited for the New Year to come? Do you have new plans or new goals? I’m looking forwards to see your comments.

If there’s anything you’d love to see here, let me know!

Happy Holidays & Thank you so much for reading ❤


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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


I’m proud to say that I have been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by Danielle from Stories Unfolded. I have also been nominated by the lovely Toby from posh & spicy Thank you so much Danielle and Toby for nominating me. I have also been nominated by the beautiful Chanelle from Chanelle Hayley and by the lovely Kate M. Colby It’s such an honor to be recognized by my fellow bloggers. Don’t forget to check out their blogs, they are both so sweet and have great posts to read, tons of fun! I promises you ❤

Rules Of The Award

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
2. Put the award logo on your blog.
3. Answer the ten questions they’ve sent you.
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Nominate ten people.

Danielle’s Questions For Me:

What did you do for the holidays?
I had a nice romantic dinner with hubby… It was perfect.

What did you recently finish reading?
I just finished reading “Blood Of Dragons” by Robin Hobb.

What are your plans for New Years?
I’m planning to go out with hubby for some yummy food and drinks.

How many books do you want to read in 2015?
Well I wish I could read at least 50 books, but due to budget issues, lol, I can’t buy that any books… sadly. I do hope to read a minimum of 20-30 books from my TBR list.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?
The usual I think: Get fit, read more and write more.

What was your favorite book in 2014?
There are just too many to count.

What’s the most recent book you purchased?
“Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline.

What’s your favorite beverage to drink while reading a book?
Coffee, but tea works nicely as well.

Where’s your favorite place to read a book?
On the sofa.

Would you live in a bookstore if you could?
That would be so dangerous for our budget, but yes I would, lol.

Toby’s Questions For Me:

Describe yourself in three words

Writer, Wife and… Geek.

What made you start blogging?

I wanted to start sharing my writing with others no matter how much it scares me 🙂

Where do you usually find yourself while posting?

On the floor (on a pillow) with a blanket on me next to the heater and coffee by my side.

Tell me about your happiest moment.

OMG… wow, now that is a hard one. The only best ever memory I have is marrying my husband ❤

Tell me three things that is on your bucket list.

I don’t have one! But… I think it will be: Be an author, see London and Florence.

What is your favorite post?

I think it would be the series I’ve written about my writing process, it was fun 😀

Which city/country would you like to visit?

London first and New York City after.

Tell me one thing that makes you unique.

I’m a gamer writer and it comes out in my story 😀

Who is your idol?

I don’t have a person idol, but I do admire people who work hard and motivated to reach their goals.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Wow, I see my self as a successful published author ❤ I can dream right?


Chanelle Questions For Me:

  • Does your name have a meaning behind it? Yes. Waves 🙂 I think that’s why I love the ocean so much.
  • What perfume do you wear? I love the regular Trésor by lancome (old-fashioned I guess, lol).
  • When it comes to jewelry do you prefer silver or gold? Why? I love silver, but I only ware my gold wedding ring ❤
  • Name three things about yourself that you love and why. Well, I love to help people, I try to keep a positive attitude and I like my smile, don’t why… as my smile is very crooked but I do.
  • Have you ever won a contest? When I was a kid, I won a writing contest for a poem I’ve written.
  • What animal would you say you are most similar to? Well I did a test online, lol. and here what came out: Beaver: You are creative, practical and well-organized. If there is someone in need, you will not hesitate to offer a helping hand. Lucky those who have you as a friend, life partner or parent. For me it’s always been a wolf. Don’t know why, lol
  • Given the nature of this award, what does the word ‘sisterhood’ mean to you? (Had to include this question, hope you don’t mind Carys). For me it’s friendship, unity.
  • How do you spend your alone time? If I have the time to myself (no people or phones) I write! Every second I can do that I write!
  • Top beauty tip? Sorry I really don’t have, but I heard that the best beauty tip is drink a lot of water 🙂
  • What’s your favorite season of the year? Fall and Winter.


Kate’s Questions For Me:

If you could not be a writer, what would your career of choice be?
When I was younger, about 14-15 I wanted to be a physicist so maybe I will go back to that.

If you won a lottery, what would you do with the money?
If it’s enough, I will self-publish my book, I will purchase 2 houses for us and my mom, buy tons of book from my TBR and maybe buy a nice gaming computer for hubby and me.

If you could meet one author, dead or alive, who would it be?
Only one? Then, Tolkien.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
London, New York.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?
The community. I’m in love with the great people I have met here in my short time of blogging. That changed everything!

What is your least favorite thing about blogging?
The social media sharing, it’s hard for me to tweet, Facebook, Pinterest and many other.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Published author with my second book 🙂 I can dream right?

If a genie gave you three wishes, what would you ask for?
* Be a successful published author.
* Be healthy.
* Huge gaming room with tons of games in it.

If you could go back in time and prevent a book from being published, would you? And which one?
No! I love “bad” books as much as I love great books. I learn a lot from all and from every book you can learn so much about your writing and yourself.

Borrowing from Cheryle’s list: What is your favorite thing about yourself?
I love my imagination, it never stops and I love that. Also I love that I can just be by my own and enjoy it, it’s weird to others but I love it.

My Nominees:


Cute & Bubbly

Hugs x Heart

Books Over People

Very Erin

Stephie Estie

Poenix Grey

The Reading Bud

Questions for you, are the same as were given to me… Have fun 🙂

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays to all the lovely bloggers

Hanukkah just ended yesterday, kids all over lighted the last candle of the holiday.

Christmas has arrived and with it the feel of a new year that’s approaching and the great feeling of family sitting down together, sharing precious moments. I may not celebrate Christmas Eve I remember as a child, but I still love this holiday so very much and each year I get very excited about it ❤

Enjoy the holiday and the time you spend with the family, enjoy the yummy foods and drinks, make new and better memories and just have tons of fun ❤

I found a cute video on YouTube about the classic Christmas song… So cute.

I wish you a magical day & I hope you’ll get all that you dreamt of.

Thank you so much for your support and Have a great Christmas ❤


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The Jolly Blogger Award



Hello & Happy Holiday

I am so thrilled to be part of The Jolly Blogger Award.  I was nominated by the beautiful Cyndel B, thank you so much Cyndel ❤ If you haven’t seen her fabulous blog before, I suggest you go and say a joyful hello 🙂 If you don’t celebrate Christmas, but other holidays in this time… just fill in on that holiday ❤

The rules are: I must answer the twelve questions that have been left for me, create twelve new questions, and nominate ten lovely bloggers! So, let’s get started:

A small side note

I don’t celebrate Christmas where I live (Israel), but I used to as a kid. It’s a bit complicated, but I am half Christian from my father’s side. My grandma used to take me to church and we would decorate the tree. As an adult, I celebrate more the Jewish holidays.

What is on your Christmas Wish list?

I don’t have a Christmas wish list, Hubby usually keep surprising me with little things I love and books or other thing I might need or want. But I can never have enough book, boots, tech stuff, lol and make-up.

What would be the perfect Christmas?

For me, is spending at home on the holidays in general with my family (hubby, me & my little crazy doggy), with yummy foods, drinks and dreaming of snow 😉

What’s your favorite winter make-up look?

I love to keep my make-up look simple, but for the holidays, I love putting a bit more shimmer in my eyes (but just a bit more), my Falsies mascara for big bright eyes, a bit of bronzer and lipstick! It’s very natural with smoky eyes and a nice wintry color for my lips.

Do you believe in Santa?

No! I never did. But I do believe in magic of the holiday.

What is your favorite Christmas food or drink?

I used to love eggnog as a kid, lol.

Will you be traveling for Christmas, if so where?

Sadly… No! My dream was always to see Christmas in New York City with the big tree in times square. I hope that someday I will be able to travel there ❤

 Would you prefer Christmas with or without snow?

With tons of snow! I love snow, cold weather and here it’s a very rare thing to see snow falling (but one place). I think everything looks so much better with snow.

Do you like eggnog?

Yes! But it’s been a while (since I was a kid).

What is your favorite winter clothing?

Jackets, sweaters and super cosy jamies and I love to snuggle up with a warm comfy blanket.

Do you leave Santa cookies, if so who eats them?


What was the best gift you ever received?

I truly can’t answer this, as I only got 3 “Christmas gifts” when I was about 6 or 7 (a huge doll that stood, a few small notebooks and a large yellow truck (I think). But I am very grateful for everything I receives as a kid (on Hanukah or other holidays) and as an adult. It’s nice to receive gifts from the people you love and know that they thought about it a lot, just to make you happy. It always makes me happy and so grateful.

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

I don’t have much Christmas memories. But there is 1 memory that is still strong and I can still see images and smell the wonderful holiday smells. My Grandma took me to pick a tree and after that we decorated it and I remember putting tons of tinsels all over the tree. She had beautiful festive ornaments that she didn’t let me put by myself. After the tree decoration, we went to church and she back at her house, she game me eggnog and lots of hot Choco with marshmallows on top, lol. Yummy ❤ I felt warm & happy 🙂

 The blogs I wish to nominate for the Jolly Blogger Award are:

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Stories Unfolded

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Brin’s Book Blog

Kate M. Colby

August MacGregor


For my questions, for you to use are going to be the same as was provided for me. I really like them and I thought you might like them too. It may be on Christmas, but I loved answering in a general manner as well. I look forward to reading all your Jolly Blogger’s tags, hope you all enjoying the season and staying warm!

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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Giving Thanks <3


To all that celebrate this holiday… Happy Thanksgiving to you all 🙂

Where I live, we don’t celebrate this holiday, but I would love to give thanks, and think of all the good things I have in my life, especially when things are so crazy right now.

So here are a few things I give thanks fot 😀

* My Hubby, my little crazy doggie, my family & friends. I Love my husband so much and I thank the stars above that gave him to me. Thank you so much my love

* You ❤ Yes… you guys, I feel very lucky to be here, in this WordPress community, being able to share my random thoughts with my beautiful readers. Thank you so much, just for being here and supporting me to share and giving me a chance to know you all better ❤

* Writing. Even though it was NanoWrimo and I needed to write a lot and fast, I missed writing a lot. This month was very hard and I had to juggle with too many events and it made it impossible to do much writing. More than that… I’ve learned just how much I want this for myself and I started to fight for my time to write. Still learning… 📝

* I give thanks that I have a roof over my head, food and clean water, I know that not everyone is that lucky, so I must give thanks for that. Even if in my daily life I think of the things I need and want, I still know that I am lucky to live in a place where I have welfare support and that we work hard to have all the necessities and comfort.

* Strength & Inspiration. I give thanks to all the people around me who gave me strength and helped me to rise high when I was down. I give thanks to people all around me and around the globe that gave me motivation to thrive and gave (and still give) me strength to work through everything life may drop on me and inspire me to do more everyday ❤

Let me know if you give thanks to something in your life, would love to know what are you thankful about.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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