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Hello & Happy Holiday

I am so thrilled to be part of The Jolly Blogger Award.  I was nominated by the beautiful Cyndel B, thank you so much Cyndel ❤ If you haven’t seen her fabulous blog before, I suggest you go and say a joyful hello 🙂 If you don’t celebrate Christmas, but other holidays in this time… just fill in on that holiday ❤

The rules are: I must answer the twelve questions that have been left for me, create twelve new questions, and nominate ten lovely bloggers! So, let’s get started:

A small side note

I don’t celebrate Christmas where I live (Israel), but I used to as a kid. It’s a bit complicated, but I am half Christian from my father’s side. My grandma used to take me to church and we would decorate the tree. As an adult, I celebrate more the Jewish holidays.

What is on your Christmas Wish list?

I don’t have a Christmas wish list, Hubby usually keep surprising me with little things I love and books or other thing I might need or want. But I can never have enough book, boots, tech stuff, lol and make-up.

What would be the perfect Christmas?

For me, is spending at home on the holidays in general with my family (hubby, me & my little crazy doggy), with yummy foods, drinks and dreaming of snow 😉

What’s your favorite winter make-up look?

I love to keep my make-up look simple, but for the holidays, I love putting a bit more shimmer in my eyes (but just a bit more), my Falsies mascara for big bright eyes, a bit of bronzer and lipstick! It’s very natural with smoky eyes and a nice wintry color for my lips.

Do you believe in Santa?

No! I never did. But I do believe in magic of the holiday.

What is your favorite Christmas food or drink?

I used to love eggnog as a kid, lol.

Will you be traveling for Christmas, if so where?

Sadly… No! My dream was always to see Christmas in New York City with the big tree in times square. I hope that someday I will be able to travel there ❤

 Would you prefer Christmas with or without snow?

With tons of snow! I love snow, cold weather and here it’s a very rare thing to see snow falling (but one place). I think everything looks so much better with snow.

Do you like eggnog?

Yes! But it’s been a while (since I was a kid).

What is your favorite winter clothing?

Jackets, sweaters and super cosy jamies and I love to snuggle up with a warm comfy blanket.

Do you leave Santa cookies, if so who eats them?


What was the best gift you ever received?

I truly can’t answer this, as I only got 3 “Christmas gifts” when I was about 6 or 7 (a huge doll that stood, a few small notebooks and a large yellow truck (I think). But I am very grateful for everything I receives as a kid (on Hanukah or other holidays) and as an adult. It’s nice to receive gifts from the people you love and know that they thought about it a lot, just to make you happy. It always makes me happy and so grateful.

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

I don’t have much Christmas memories. But there is 1 memory that is still strong and I can still see images and smell the wonderful holiday smells. My Grandma took me to pick a tree and after that we decorated it and I remember putting tons of tinsels all over the tree. She had beautiful festive ornaments that she didn’t let me put by myself. After the tree decoration, we went to church and she back at her house, she game me eggnog and lots of hot Choco with marshmallows on top, lol. Yummy ❤ I felt warm & happy 🙂

 The blogs I wish to nominate for the Jolly Blogger Award are:

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Brin’s Book Blog

Kate M. Colby

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For my questions, for you to use are going to be the same as was provided for me. I really like them and I thought you might like them too. It may be on Christmas, but I loved answering in a general manner as well. I look forward to reading all your Jolly Blogger’s tags, hope you all enjoying the season and staying warm!

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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15 thoughts on “The Jolly Blogger Award

  1. Congrats on the award, and I liked reading your answers, finding out a little about your Christmases. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and that you find some eggnog 🙂 Thanks for the nomination!

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