Can I Have Another Question?

I have done a small series of ‘What, Why and How I’m Writing‘ but here I want to talk about the art of asking questions while you write your novel.

When you start your writing, whether it’s a novel, an essay or anything that you’re feeling creative about. Now it’s just a start of an idea – we all know that 😉 But what’s next?

After years of writing, I found that sometimes a story just falls apart. The main reason for that is that the author had stopped asking questions! It’s simple as that.

Now I know it sounds a bit silly, but it did take me a while to ask questions about everything major and minor that happens in my story.

Let’s say you have a perfect idea, wonderful characters and your words just keeps the reader on the edge of their sit. But somewhere in the middle, the plot holes begin to slow the reader down and in a worst-case scenario, the reader just doesn’t finish the book.

I learned from the people around me (My mom, my best friend, and hubby) to ask lots of question from the very beginning. as I start the outline or even before, as I take note of the idea.


A girl learns that she has a special gift.


Who is this girl? What’s her name? How she looks? How old is this girl? Where she lives? What about her family?

How she learns about her gift? What is her gift? Is she the only one with this gift? What can she do with this gift? Can she hurt someone with her gift? How will she use her gift around others? What are the dangers about her gift? Can she turn it off? What will happen to her?

While writing all these questions I already thought of much more and a story started to form and more ideas came in my head. The more questions I can ask, for me, the better the story will be 😉

There are great stories that the author just rolls with what happens and not questioning things while writing. But when you get stuck it’s nice to know where to go, that is why I love writing questions.

I admit that I do this in the outline mostly and to the major plot and main characters, but it still helps me see far beyond the initial idea and I get a deeper look into my characters thoughts and world.

Do you ask questions while writing? If you do, how you do that?

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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Friday Musing


It’s Friday Y’all,

I hope you are having a nice Friday and a start of an even better weekend.

For this Friday Musing I just want to share a few changes that took place that inspired me, so let’s start 🙂

I saw Karen’s video were she answered a few Q&As and I loved all the answers she gave, but there was something there that really struck me –  routine. Now I am a very routine kinda girl, but it’s so hard when life just keeps pushing me out of that routine, lol. Karen said that no matter what, she knows how her day will be, every day. Now maybe to some, that may sound a bit weird, but for me, especially with my illness and that summer is coming (the worst season ever for my illness, lol), I need this kind of routine. Just wanted to say, thank you Karen, for that ❤

Okay… Why I am telling you all this? Because that single line she said inspired me to change things to make it much easier for me, especially with things that I can control 😀

This brings me to changes 😉

For my blog, I have already started 2 series that I looove…

Friday Musing (on Fridays).

Behind The Writer (on Wednesdays)

I love these two and I am very excited to share more on both series 😉 But I need more structure here, lol.

I will do all my writer/author/monthly on Mondays.

I have a lot of awards/tags just waiting for me, lol, so I will post them on Thursdays.

This will give me the structure I need and I will still have a few days to play with and this makes me even more happy that I can do all the things I want such as blogging, writing, home, fun? and other things, lol ❤

Before I will finish this post I really wanted to say thank you! Thank you so much for all the people who signed up to my newsletter 🙂 I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate it. Wow, sorry for the long post, lol.

What made you smile this week or inspired you? I can’t wait to read your thoughts 😉

Thank you so much for reading ❤

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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Behind The Writer

Hey everyone, it’s Wednesday and the start of a new series. This series is called Behind The Writer, it will be mini posts about what motivates or inspire me, as a writer.

Motivation is = What helps you push yourself towards your goal. Like, making a to-do list for a bigger goal 😉 This helps you do the hard work.

Inspiration is = What pulls you in to do what you want to do? It’s something that is higher in feelings and thought. Like, writing is my passion 😉 This makes you feel better and more fulfilled while doing the hard work.

Just a small intro:

I love writing and always did. Ever since I was a kid I loved writing stories and poems. If you know me long enough, you know by now that writing is like air for me.

When something you love becomes your work, that’s when things get a bit harder. Not everyone gets up in the morning saying, what a wonderful morning this is to write and start writing from early morning till night or till the afternoon. Maybe you are that motivated but for me, it’s hard sometimes (or most days, lol).

I have tons of things to do, like most regular people. I have my writing, my regular home to dos, hubby, mom, cute dog, Friends (what are friends?), my author business and my blog ❤

With all of the things I need (and want) to accomplish daily and weekly, staying motivated about writing each day and every day, can be a bit challenging some days.

I wanted to show you guys a few things that motivate me to start writing and not just saying things like… “Wow, I love writing, writing is my goal in life and my passion, lol.”

So, stay tuned to next Wednesday when I show you what really works for me to stay motivated or inspired in my writing, even though I have all the other stuff I need to do 🙂 This post came out a bit longer than I thought, lol, but the others will be shorter – I promise 😀

What motivates and inspires you to write, to blog… and share your thoughts in the comment, I love reading them 🙂

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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Friday Musing


Yey, it’s Friday. This week has flown by so fast for me, I just can’t believe it’s Friday already but the good things is it’s Friday Musing Time, woot-woot, lol 😀

For this week’s musing I wanted to share with you a few things:


I got lots of makeups samplers from my Mother-In-Law and they are all of Clinique (I am so excited by that).

I love Clinique lipsticks a lot and I got a few of them (full size) all in the colors that I love (even a perfect shade of red). I also got 2 mascaras and a few powders and face wash and more 😀

They are all (except the lipsticks) so small and cute, perfect for travel, if I ever go somewhere, lol. An awesome haul and some came with a cute pink tin box ❤ I love makeup even though I am not that good at applying it, hehe.

If this interests you, I can post a picture or two and share it here 🙂 Just let me know.


Now, this may sound a bit strange, but it’s true. This week I found my motivation again with my writing. I am only about 3 chapters to the end and for some reason, it’s hard to finish.

I guess it’s hard to say goodbye, even though it’s not really a goodbye, lol. I’m rambling now… I don’t know why, but it was hard (still is a bit).

I read a post the other day by Career Girl Daily, it’s wasn’t about writing but on workaholics, lol. There wasn’t anything specific that spark my inspiration and motivation, but somehow it did 😀 and I planned every detail of those final chapters and on Sunday and Monday when I will sit down to write I think I can finish writing those final chapters.

It’s weird how the mind works, but that’s why it’s so cool to be a writer, lol. Anything can spark your imagination 😀

This picture is from:
This picture is from

Well, that is all for this Friday Musing I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday and I wish you all a relaxed and perfect weekend. Mine will be mostly about sleeping and gaming 😀

What Inspired you this week? or what just made you smile? Can’t wait to read your thoughts.

Thank you so much for reading ❤

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Behind The Scenes

Recently I got two emails asking about my writing process, but wishing to stay anonymous.

The post got a bit too long so I cut it into two posts. The first one is here and I hope you will enjoy this one as well.

Question: “What do you do when you sit down to write, but nothing comes out?”


Believe it or not, but this happens sometimes to everyone and that’s ok.

The first thing You need to do is: Don’t Panic! LOL. Relax and breath, don’t think the worst of you or your writing.

The second thing is, take a piece of paper or a notebook (I love the A3 white papers) and a pen or a few with a highlighter like I do. Start writing down whatever comes to mind. This is the “fun and games” part of your work, enjoy it. Write down anything, even if it’s your to-do list, a doodle or anything that you want to clear out of your head (even if it just how frustrated you are right now), anything goes.

Once you did that, you will feel lighter. As if your mind is thinking clearer and better, now it’s time to start the real work.

Take another paper or continue on the same paper you had before. Brainstorm a bit of what do you want to write about, or maybe what would you love to be reading (books or posts), but you haven’t found anything or found little on that subject. I call this ‘lighting the spark‘. You start with something so small, but this little thing can spark an idea for your post or even for your future story.

Don’t think too much, just write down any word, anything. Soon enough you’ll see that these random things you wrote down are actually a start of something. Maybe an idea for a post or even a few sentences of the posts. Maybe it’s a scene from a story played out in your head, just waiting to be written.

Slowly you will get used to thinking of ideas and plots and stories. Soon your head will be so full of them that some will fade, just because you didn’t write them down in time.

Hope this was helpful in any way, to you and to others who read my blog 🙂

How do you come up with ideas? Do you brainstorm, or just start writing? Share your thoughts 🙂

Thank you so much for reading ❤

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*** If you have any question you would love to ask me about writing, life, blogging or anything else just write in the comments and I will try to answer them all in a next post 🙂

Behind The Scenes


Recently I got two emails asking about my writing process, but wishing to stay anonymous.

Now I have done a little series on that and you can find them all here, but I thought as it is a new year and my daily writing routine has changed a bit, I thought why not do another post (or a series) on the subject.

The post got a bit too long so I cut it at the second question, lol and I will post it next time 🙂

Questions: “How do you start thinking of ideas for your writing or your blog…?”


Well, this will sound a bit cheesy, lol, but if we are talking about a book idea, I mostly get them in some sort of a dream or a sudden thought, I write down the dream and see the idea of a story being planned out in my head.

Sometimes I am thinking about books I liked and what I liked about them and suddenly plots start to form and as I write them down, more and more details will rise up.

Now about blog posts, it’s a bit different as I don’t get the ideas from dreams, lol, although it would be cool. I get my ideas from thoughts about things I would like to read more about on the internet or I read a post of someone else or an article and it made a little spark inside my head and that spark of an idea will be turned into a post.

Note: No matter if you are writing a blog post or writing a book, just take a piece of paper and a pen (I know it’s old-fashioned but they work) and write down whatever comes to your mind.

If it’s a blog post just write down what do you want this post to be about? Writing, beauty, food?

Then write what do you what to say about the subject you chose. Maybe tips that you know helped you, maybe a how to post. There are so many things that may come to your head, just write them all down. Soon enough you will have tons of ideas and many posts in your draft or drafts of stories on your computer (like me, lol).

Hope this was helpful in any way, to you and to others who read my blog 🙂

How do you start to write a post or a story? Do you have any hacks to helps you start?

Thank you so much for reading ❤

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*** If you wish to see more about this type of series or Q+A, I would be happy if you let me know.


Friday Musing


Yey, it’s Friday 🙂 This Friday is even more special, as it is Passover night ❤

I love this holiday a lot and this year we are doing the holiday dinner at hubby’s parents. I am very excited about it 🙂

Recently, I started to listen to a podcast and I really got addicted. I have the Podcast Addict App (for my android) and I love listening to them while I do chores around the house or even in my car on my way to do some errands.

Some of them are about gaming, some are about writing and some are more comedy.

Here are just a few of the podcast I love:

Entrepreneur On Fire

Nerdist Writers Panel

The Marketing Lifestyle Show

Social Media Examiner

These podcasts are so fun to listen to and you learn a lot from them. I get so inspired to work harder, not just about my writing but about the social media (that I am not so good at it).

This Friday Musing is sweet and short 😉 Hope you will enjoy looking at some of these podcasts.

Happy Holiday and thank you so much for reading ❤


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Book Update

 If you missed my post about my book update I had done before, you can click here.

I keep pushing this post further down my draft folder (don’t know why), but I thought it was time to write this post, as I do have lots of changes and I did tons of work.

Word count so far: 60,000 words, give or take a few (not counting yesterday and today). I love to round up my writing, no real reason to do so, but I like it.

Pages: 250 pages.

OK! Let’s dive into the book (a bit):

I promise to keep this short 🙂

As I said in my first my post (link under the picture), my book is set in a futuristic world very similar to ours. It’s a cross of Science Fiction, Dystopian and a bit of romance.

I am now at a point in my story where my Hero has had his Fun & Games (It’s a beat from save the cat) and is now deep in the Midpoint beat.

At this point, Jack (my main character) is tormented by many imaginary and real sights while fighting to breathe due to the lack of good breathable air. This pushes him close to death, without him even knowing why. Without getting into specifics, that I can’t write here (sorry), I can say that this takes its toll on him and from here on out there is a very visible transformation that occurs.

Here Jack will feel a lot of anger, loss, and confusion, but that’s ok. This will help him grow as a person and gain the strength he needs in order to fight his enemies (in Act 3).

Because there are two major plots in this story, that are running alongside each other throughout the story, there are a few bad guys here, but there is that one guy who makes the leap and becomes more horrible and motivated than the others.

In this midpoint of the story, Jack will soon find new friends while trying to find his old ones.

The bit of romance (<3) I have in my story will start to unfold, and Jack will struggle with it, a lot!

I love writing this story…

I love how the story keeps me more excited about what comes next. I know it sounds funny as I am the storyteller, but there are some details that I don’t know, even though I have outlined my story, sometimes my characters do surprise me and the story goes on a side road for a bit. I love it when it happens because this way I get to know more about my characters and their world through their eyes and their appearance.

I had a few struggles with the story…

At first, I had a bit of a struggle combining the major plot lines together smoothly.

At first, I had like 2 stories, lol, that should work together, but they didn’t. It took me awhile to understand where is the right line to mash them together.

Now, my major struggle is showing my antagonist (villain) the way I see him in my head. So to solve that I am building him from the ground up, lol, I’ve created a folder that is just about him 😀 There in notes, I put all the details I can think of so I will know him as I know myself.

I don’t know if this sounds crazy or not, but it helps me a lot.

If you have any suggestions for a great antagonist, please share them in the comments, I would love to know your thoughts on this 🙂

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤


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New month… New Goals


Before I will start with my February Goals, I wanted to know if you saw my new blog header and the new tagline I wrote underneath the blog title. It is very similar to the one I had before, but a bit cleaner. If you cannot remember the one I had before, I am linking it here and I would love to know your thoughts about the new header vs. the old. Thank you ❤

I have a few goals for this short (too short) month


I get too distracted and I end up not doing what I want (or what is needed). My goal for this month is that after my writing session and after I eat something yummy for lunch, I will start with cleaning the house and starting making dinner for at least 1 hour. This way I will still do something, but not a lot.


I want to read at least 1 book this month. I don’t know if I will be able to buy a new book, but I will continue with Terry Pratchett’s books, I have a lot I haven’t read yet, and find a few on sale or free books I can read.

Coffee n’ Notes

I really want to push myself a bit harder here as well and try to post a bit more.

I thought of doing a Friday Musing (I will post something that really inspired me that week or that day) and try to post a bit more throughout the week 😉

I want to organize my blog a bit better. I don’t think I will change my theme, yet. I love it too much to change it, but I do want to reorganize it so it will look better.


As always, time is a bit slippery for me, lol, so I want to “grab time by the horns” and manage my time better.

I have a huge block of time for writing which is about 4-5 hours. The rest of the time isn’t set properly, so I get distracted when people want my attention and before I know it hubby is home and I no longer have the energy to do things around the house, as all I want is to chill out and relax or play GW2 or just watch T.V.


After I wrote and deleted tons of words (did it twice, lol) I am a bit behind on my word count for this month, but not by a lot. I missed a few writing days (weekend and migraines) so I pushed myself harder these last few days.

By the end of January I did try to be a bit more organized with my writing and so I have downloaded the free trial of Scrivener, just so I can learn how to use it and see if I can use it daily. With Scrivener, I already see more improvement in my beats organization, which is a great start for loving this software.

If you don’t know what are beats, beats are from saving the cat by Black Snyder. I use beats a lot in my outlining and writing, as with it I see my whole plot better and I don’t get stuck.

  • A side story… Yesterday was a slow writing day. I needed to write a scene with that basic fear in it. Now I have been in situations where I felt fear, But it was different. Anyway, I couldn’t write it as well as I wanted. My friend always says to Summon what you want and it will come. At that moment when I thought of what she said a huge black fly entered the room and circled around me. I hate bugs (a lot!) and it was one of those flies that can bite or sting you, so I was really scared. I know it sounds silly to most people, but hey, it worked, lol. I ran out of the room, grabbed my bug-spray and I sprayed him, which made my entire room smell. I opened the window and he vanished. I think I was high on adrenaline (which is impossible with my illness, lol) 😀 but it worked. When I returned to my new desk, I wrote about 2K words in 40 minutes (for me it’s very fast).

I want to push a bit harder and write 5-7K each day and I will not be editing the other book alongside my writing. I learned that it is just too hard for me and my writing suffers because of it. So no editing!

March is getting close and I am not near to the end as I wished to be, so I must push harder and not get distracted.

That is all for now, sorry for the long post. I hope It wasn’t too much.

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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New Buy: My Writing Desk

Well, after public demands to show pictures of my writing desk, I thought I must show you my new writing space, so here it is 😀


I first wanted to say how happy I am that you really want to see silly things like that… I love it ❤


I hope you like the pictures (sorry it came a bit dark).


Hubby built this desk on Friday and after I reorganized the room today and set everything in the right place, I took a few pics to post them here for you ❤

In the picture, you can see that I have a huge monitor and my laptop. I use them both mostly in my editing, although I love using them for writing as well but not all the time.

I have a simple but perfect desk lamp, I am so happy that I bought it, it’s perfect.

I have 3 notebooks on my desk which I use a lot:

  • My writing notebook: I use it to take notes, or write a sudden plot that came to mind, anything and everything about my story can go in this notebook.
  • My dream journal: I don’t need to explain here much, right?
  • My doodle notebook: I call it a doodle notebook, but it’s for everything I want to draw, sketch and doodle to free my mind when I need it.

I also have my weekly & monthly planner.

I have a small jar, that once contained soaps, that I use for my pens and highlighters 🙂 My favorite pens are there as well as few regular ones, mostly blue and red. They were once scattered inside my purse and in my closet, lol.

I can’t live without having post-its by my side, I use them a lot!

I have my coffee on my desk, usually, I have my coffee in my owl mug (that I love so much) but today I used this one, to keep my coffee hot.

Finally, I love the little footstool I placed under the table to put my feet up when I’m thinking or just writing with pen and paper (I used it before when I wrote in the kitchen).

This desk is simple, but perfect for me and what makes it even more awesome is that it’s my space. It’s not in the living room or in the kitchen, and as I set everything in its place I already feel that this little desk is my own writing place.

All I need to make this space even more perfect for my needs is a good chair. I have some thoughts about what kind of chair I want (something like an executive chair). I also hope to find a big cork board to hang above my desk.

I can’t stress enough the importance of having your own space for your craft. This little space is mine and it is already very inspiring.

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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