Life In Words


When I was a kid (and even now) people liked to tell me to get a life. To pull my nose out of the books and start living. I guess they never understood that I already had a full life, a life in words.

I remember the first words that sprung my imagination and made me see things beyond the black letters plainly written on the white page. They were words that made me hear music, words that made me smell sweet and wonderful smells and words that made me see the magic for the first time.

All this started when my mom used to read me short poems almost every night and with her soft almost hypnotic tone I was deep in my imagination and saw nothing but life in the words she read so beautifully.

When I looked at the page trying hard to make the letters and start reading, the letters danced in front of me, taunting with my eyes as I looked at them again and again. From random letters, I could imagine a new poem, a secret poem that only I knew and I alone. I saw the words take life, acting a scene of magical beauty. When I was older I already knew the secret, a secret that others couldn’t see and it made it even more special for me.

No matter how much my friend tried and no matter how much I tried to show her, she never seemed to see it and feel it. It felt as if an entire world was concealed from her, she read the words but they felt plain or ordinary to her.

I never understood why.

Why can’t she see how much life exist in a simple word? A word like ‘lullaby’ takes form in front of me. Dancing to hushed tunes, or a little fairy floating on colorful flowers in a secret garden. A simple word as a ‘chair’ shows so much proud and respect, such simplicity, and glory. It seemed as if the word itself is bursting with movement and joy and life.

To her, it was just a word and nothing more. To me, it was as if they were alive.

It really fascinates me every time that there are people out there who can’t feel and see the life in words, can’t see anything beyond the written letter and their meaning. Now that I am all grown up, I know it’s ok that they can’t see beyond that.

Now I know how I can show them my secret and hopefully, they will see beyond and feel the life and excitement in the letters, the same way I see them.

I can feel the words, flying all around me, dancing in all the colors of the rainbow, singing in my ear. I feel their warmth or coldness and I know they are alive just waiting to be discovered like a magical unicorn so rare, yet so precious.

This just who I am, I guess 🙂

What do words mean to you? I would love to hear your thoughts and I hope this post wasn’t too weird for you 😉

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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