Friday Musing


It’s Friday (Friday the 13th)

I’m so excited and so happy it’s Friday 😀 I can sit back, watch great shows hubby and I missed and just enjoy the relaxation with some good cup of tea 😉

I hope you are all having a great day and an awesome Friday

This week so hectic and with my mom not feeling so well and being with her every day, I wasn’t able to write as much as I wanted. Will do a massive writing on Sunday… My plan is to write about 12-14K on Sunday 😀

This weekend I plan on re-reading Hollow City (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children #2). I was planning to re-read it again, just before I will read the third book (I am waiting for the third book), but now with Friday the 13th, it seems like a perfect fit 😉

Picture is taking from Goodreads

I don’t have any specific musing for this week, just to enjoy Friday and the weekend (I was looking forward to this weekend so much). My plan is to rest a lot and enjoy this weekend as much as I can 🙂 Another small-huge, lol, thing is that both hubby and me (but mostly me, lol) are completely buzzed about the movie we are going to see, on the 19th (only a week away, OMG)… The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2 ❤ ❤ ❤

I hope you’ll have the time to sit back, relax and enjoy your weekend 🙂

This is me right now, lol 😀

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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New month… New Goals


Before I will start with my February Goals, I wanted to know if you saw my new blog header and the new tagline I wrote underneath the blog title. It is very similar to the one I had before, but a bit cleaner. If you cannot remember the one I had before, I am linking it here and I would love to know your thoughts about the new header vs. the old. Thank you ❤

I have a few goals for this short (too short) month


I get too distracted and I end up not doing what I want (or what is needed). My goal for this month is that after my writing session and after I eat something yummy for lunch, I will start with cleaning the house and starting making dinner for at least 1 hour. This way I will still do something, but not a lot.


I want to read at least 1 book this month. I don’t know if I will be able to buy a new book, but I will continue with Terry Pratchett’s books, I have a lot I haven’t read yet, and find a few on sale or free books I can read.

Coffee n’ Notes

I really want to push myself a bit harder here as well and try to post a bit more.

I thought of doing a Friday Musing (I will post something that really inspired me that week or that day) and try to post a bit more throughout the week 😉

I want to organize my blog a bit better. I don’t think I will change my theme, yet. I love it too much to change it, but I do want to reorganize it so it will look better.


As always, time is a bit slippery for me, lol, so I want to “grab time by the horns” and manage my time better.

I have a huge block of time for writing which is about 4-5 hours. The rest of the time isn’t set properly, so I get distracted when people want my attention and before I know it hubby is home and I no longer have the energy to do things around the house, as all I want is to chill out and relax or play GW2 or just watch T.V.


After I wrote and deleted tons of words (did it twice, lol) I am a bit behind on my word count for this month, but not by a lot. I missed a few writing days (weekend and migraines) so I pushed myself harder these last few days.

By the end of January I did try to be a bit more organized with my writing and so I have downloaded the free trial of Scrivener, just so I can learn how to use it and see if I can use it daily. With Scrivener, I already see more improvement in my beats organization, which is a great start for loving this software.

If you don’t know what are beats, beats are from saving the cat by Black Snyder. I use beats a lot in my outlining and writing, as with it I see my whole plot better and I don’t get stuck.

  • A side story… Yesterday was a slow writing day. I needed to write a scene with that basic fear in it. Now I have been in situations where I felt fear, But it was different. Anyway, I couldn’t write it as well as I wanted. My friend always says to Summon what you want and it will come. At that moment when I thought of what she said a huge black fly entered the room and circled around me. I hate bugs (a lot!) and it was one of those flies that can bite or sting you, so I was really scared. I know it sounds silly to most people, but hey, it worked, lol. I ran out of the room, grabbed my bug-spray and I sprayed him, which made my entire room smell. I opened the window and he vanished. I think I was high on adrenaline (which is impossible with my illness, lol) 😀 but it worked. When I returned to my new desk, I wrote about 2K words in 40 minutes (for me it’s very fast).

I want to push a bit harder and write 5-7K each day and I will not be editing the other book alongside my writing. I learned that it is just too hard for me and my writing suffers because of it. So no editing!

March is getting close and I am not near to the end as I wished to be, so I must push harder and not get distracted.

That is all for now, sorry for the long post. I hope It wasn’t too much.

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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January Update

Wow, January is almost over.

This month was so hectic with so many things happening. Sorry for me being MIA, things just got a bit too busy than I thought it would be. Planning to post more after the weekend ❤

New buy

I searched a lot for a new writing desk and finally, I found the perfect one, It’s all in boxes right now waiting to be built. I wanted my own space, a place that is not the living room or the kitchen, just my own writing place. It will be in my spare room where we have our closets and laundry, but there is enough space to fit a great writing desk.

Still looking for a good chair and I hope to buy one soon.

I also bought a cute little lamp as well, can’t wait to organize my desk ❤

I hope that hubby will build the table this weekend and I will post a few pictures on my Instagram and maybe even here.

Sugar-free January

My sugar-free month is going great, I didn’t have any sugar at all this month. I can’t say it was easy… It wasn’t! I will not do that in February, lol, but I will eat real food (no junk) even if it contains sugar in it. I will not eat sweets at all, but food like smoked salmon (I miss it, so much) I will eat even if it has sugar in it.

My only advice to anyone who thinks of trying to lower their sweet intake is to do it slowly and drink lots of water or green tea, it helps a lot.


I was planning to edit one of my books I have already finished writing The Adventures Of Biloby The Wizard

The editing is not going well, so far. I guess I can’t-do two things at the same time. I will try to set time at weekends for the editing, but I haven’t worked on a plan for that, yet.

My writing

My writing is going good, but not as good as I wanted it to be at this stage. I am planning to push harder (much harder) in February. My average was about 5K (5,000 words) a day at the beginning of the month, but as the month progressed, my average went downhill. Now I write about 3K a day.

My plan for February is to push as hard as I can. I know I can do better with my writing.

So far I write mostly in one sitting and sometimes maybe two for about 4-5 hours total. But now I plan to write in one sitting at least 5K for 4 hours, take a small break and sit for another 2 hours (at least). I am planning to be less in social media and will close my phone more (it helps a lot).

Will continue to update you all as I go on 🙂

Two most important things I’ve learned this month about my writing

  • My difficulty this month was time, I did learn how to put my time to better use and set a huge block of time for my writing. It still needs a bit of tweaking though, but that’s ok. I will learn how to balance home with writing, I just need a bit more practice 😀
  • I’ve learned to put my writing first. It’s a work in progress, but I am doing much better at taking time for myself.

That is all for now, a new Book Update will be on the weekend.

Have a great weekend full of relaxation and creativity ❤

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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Any advice on writing?


A friend of mine asked me if I have any writing advice, she said it might help her continue on with her writing.
At first, I was thinking “Omg, that’s so cool…”
A second later I answered, only calmer.

The very first thing that was on my mind was “Just write”,
She looked very disappointed.

We all want more, that magic wand that will make a published book with our name on it or a magic pill that will fix everything. So when I said to her just write, it was understandable she will be disappointed.
Sadly there is no fast fix to this.

If you want to be a writer, then write! It’s that simple.

My friend started to pour her heart out about her struggles, such as:

  • She is very messy.
  • She writes too fast and the writing is not what she wanted it to be.
  • She has too many ideas in one plot.
  • She will never be an author.

While she said all these things it hit me that I used to think the same way. So I calmed her down and shared my story, with a high hope it will help her somehow.

“Writers need to write,” I said.

No matter if you write dreams, stories, lines, thoughts or blogs. If you want to be more professional with your writing, you need to write and write some more. Enjoy the craft.
It’s ok, and even more than ok, to let the first draft be messy and “shitty”. It means you never stopped your creative flow and you wrote all that you could write about that story.

The important thing to know is that your story will not be a publishable work at your first draft. If you do think this way then you are living in a fairytale, sorry.

If you let yourself be in the “zone” of writing and write freely then you did do what was needed of you. The revision will be next, but when it comes to writing and jotting down those ideas and plots on paper (or keyboard) it’s best to allow yourself this freedom of writing.

If you feel that what you wrote makes no sense, leave it as it is. You can go back later, but now… it’s writing time. We all want perfection in our craft, only there can’t be perfection. I told her that I am a very messy writer. I have notes all over and even in the document itself.

I want to enjoy the writing or there is no point to it. I enjoy my craft more when I write freely and sadly when you write freely mistakes come soon after. I have spelling mistakes, my plot will suddenly turn into something else and if this happens I just write a note in the brackets, that way I know something changed and I will deal with it later.

Finally, I told her that she can relax because of a lot of other authors when I read about their creative process, say that they are very messy in their writing, after all, it’s only the first draft.

I love this saying so much, “It’s only the first draft.”

Finally, my friend understood what I was saying, but I saw she still wanted the fast fix and with that, I couldn’t help her.

Sorry for the long post and I hope you enjoyed my ramblings 🙂

Side note…

I think I will reach 130,000 – 150,000-word count which is far beyond what is needed, but I don’t want any limitations at this point in my writing. The editing will come later.

What are your thoughts of a first draft manuscript, should it be perfect for publishing? Can a first draft be just a first draft?

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤


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Quick Update ;)


Hello to all my lovely readers,

I wanted to write a quick share, just to let you know what’s going on with me and what I’ve learned throughout this month.

NanoWrimo & Writing: Failed NanoWrimo.

I wrote 35K/50K, too much life events this month, but I did gain a wonderful story that I will continue on writing. I’m a bit sad that Nano is over (even if I haven’t written much), I will miss most of all the community of writers and all the sprints. I entered this Nano year without a plan, for the first time, and I am happy that I did so.

This story is so different from all the other stories I wrote, in a good way. I know it may sound weird what I am about to say, but in a way I am happy of how things turned up. Even though I didn’t win Nano, I got a new world, new characters and I know that this story needs to be written 😉 I am planning to continue the story in mid december, in hopes to finish it by February.

Reading: I miss reading. I want to read 2 book this months (I know it’s not a lot, but hey… too much to do). I want to finish reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and the last book in The Rain Wild Chronicles, Blood of Dragons by Robin Hobb. I am very excited by both books.

Gaming: I have really neglected my gaming this past month, so I am planning on major gaming time, lol.

Time management: I learned a lot this month about time management as well. I am not a morning person (to say the least, lol) but I started to wake up early. even if I don’t have nothing to do that day, I still wake up relatively early and from that moment I have a better idea of how to organize my time and put the writing in the top of my to-do list. For me… This is a huge deal.

Projects: I have some projects in mind, that I really want to see if I can do them (maybe later I will share them with you as well).

What have you learned this month? Don’t be shy and share your thoughts 🙂

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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New Week… New Possibilities

New Day

Hello my readers,

Today is the start of a new week… new possibilities and new choices to make in order to make my life better, and accomplish my writing goals for today 😉 I truly believe that you have lots of possibilities to change things, even if it’s hard, but if you want or in need of change in your life… It can happen by small steps each day.

I didn’t do much writing on Saturday, but I know that today I will get my word count goal of 20K, no matter what.

There is nothing that puts me in the mood of writing more than a fresh cup of coffee and a great idea that suddenly pops into my head, and when it comes it never leaves until I put it down on paper (or phone, or computer… well you get the point…).

Yesterday I saw the movie Guardians of the galaxy (It was awesome btw) and it just sparked something that was missing in my story.

Has that ever happened to you? Or am I the only crazy one who can’t stop my brain from thinking & thinking, not even while watching a great movie.

You see… I have figured it all out in my story (mostly), the plots, characters, places, everything and everyone, except for the villain, lol.

I know who my villain is, but I never could fully understand his story, and while seeing this movie, I got it. I just suddenly knew everything I needed… well almost everything, lol. I knew enough to continue where I stopped.

It’s past midnight here, when I write this (on Saturday night), and I just did the 5 minutes writing… and got even more inspired and put a bit more words into my story… yay.

BTW, for all those who don’t know the site “5 minutes writing”… go here. It’s a great way to practice your writing and start-up your imagination.

Thank you for reading ❤


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A quick Share ;)

Just wanted to share with you something i found.

Today I found my theme song for my NanoWrimo novel, I am so happy.

This song helps me tap into my novel’s world, my characters and it gets me all happy to write… Yey 🙂

That’s all for now, enjoy the song and have a great day

Thank you for reading ❤


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All You Need Are Words

Title… check.

Characters… check.

World… check.

What I need now? Oh yeah… words.

I started to write a story for NaNoWriMo. A story that slowly becomes very weird and unusual with many different elements, but for some reason they all fit together, lol.

It is a Fantasy, Sci/Fi, and Dystopian story… yep, lol, You can laugh if you want to, I know I did… a lot, lol.

When the story started coming into my dreams, forcing its way to be written, I became very attached to the story and to the characters and I saw some potential in it. I started jotting the story down, slowly something that I laughed about before becoming a story worthy to be written about (Well for Nano anyway, lol).

This free writing brought back the joy of writing (I love Nano for that, so much), there is no time to think, no time to edit, just to write. I love building a new world, as it slowly shows itself to me. I love how the characters start to speak to me through my dreams and play with my thoughts. I think that’s what I love most about writing.

The freedom of just writing without thinking so much, just letting whatever in my heart and mind go free on paper as if the words were butterflies flying around me. I love the rush and the high I get when the story just pours out so fast that I can barely keep up or when the characters stop me from taking a wrong turn in the story.

I know that to some of you it may sound crazy, But I guess I am.

Sorry for getting sidetracked… I’m back, Back to the Nano story, lol.

My title for the story is Project Zero, and at first, it was a working title, just a weird name that appeared in my dream, but now I know that Project Zero is the right title for this story and it was a good start to see what the story was about 🙂

So far I wrote about 2500 words into the story, but I think it’s more of an intro to the story, but as I said before… no editing, so I don’t know yet. I will just keep on writing from the last sentence I wrote and go on from there.

For now, I am not going to write an outline and just leave the story to unfold by itself as I continue to write, but I know that at some point (maybe when Nano actually starts) I will write a quick outline, just to keep me on the right track… Maybe 😉

Have fun writing & thank you for reading ❤


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NanoWrimo Is Almost Here

Blog2The excitement is in the air…

I can feel the love for writing spreading and I can feel the fear and the craziness starting to sneak in… How fun this is?

This fun and craziness can be overwhelming for old & new NanoWrimos, so I gathered some tips that I love which helped me with my writing in general, but more so in Nano.

  • Planning ahead and having an outline:

If Nano starts but you find yourself (like me, lol) without an outline or any idea what to write, don’t worry. Take a deep breath and just write whatever comes to mind (even if it sounds stupid). As you write, a story will unfold and the writing will become easier as you go on.

  • Stat writing fast:

You need to achieve 1667 words a day, so don’t edit… Not even the misspelled words, lol, Just write and write without looking back. It’s hard (I know) but worth it. I even try to get ahead in my word count as much as I can in the first week, so if something happens and I can’t write, I am still up on my word count (yey).

  • Learn to say No!

No! I can’t come.

No! I can’t help.

No! I have no time.

No! I am writing (still learning this, lol).

  • Get help:

I love to do the “word races” in NaNoWriMo. Set an alarm for 5, 10 or 15 minutes and write as much as you can, as fast as you can. There are many word races on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the NaNoWriMo forums. You can use online writing prompts and apps that are for android as well as for apple.

  • Know the end for your next line:

I love to end my writing for that day with some knowledge of how I will continue the next day. Write it down, so the next day you are basically not starting an idea from scratch, but already have some idea of how your story will go on.

  • Enjoy the community:

Once a year all the writers come out from their solitude and join together for one crazy celebration, and for one goal, which is to write. This is the time to use the community for feedback, help and their input on your writing (If you choose to share). I love the community so much and I miss it a lot after NaNoWriMo.

  • Finish!

Fight. Claw. Write down every word. I like the story to be something good, as much as I can while writing this fast, so even if I write fast I try my hardest to write well (story wise… not grammar and such, lol). The reward for finishing and getting 50K down on paper… Is more than I can ever express.

  • Have fun writing.

Enjoy the process of writing. If this is your first time don’t worry… even if you are way behind… this is a crazy month and at some point, you can catch up on your word count, and if not… hey, you tried something that a lot will never want to try. No matter what, I assure you, that you will learn a lot about your writing, the people around you and most of all about yourself and how you deal with stress.

So… how many of you are joining me in the fun of NaNoWriMo?

Thank you for reading this ❤

BTW: I used a digital freebie from here and the button was made with the help of my friend.


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