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Happy Friday everyone ❤ I hope you are all having a wonderful day and a great weekend 🙂

This week was busy and a bit hard with the hot weather. However, I had a couple of days to myself where I was able to write, edit and just rest, how wonderful 😀

Onto the award, though… I was nominated by the lovely author Kate from Kate M. Colby to do this fabulous award, so long ago (sorry for that, Kate). Thank you so much, Kate, for this unique award, I loved how different it is from other awards. If you don’t know Kate, you must go to her blog and check out her wonderful posts and her amazing book and ebooks. I assure you, you’ll love them and her ❤

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Now, onto the award  😉


Wow, daydreams for me are mostly about the things I need/want to do that day. How I will need to organize papers for my mom, or tidy around the house, calls I need to do, making dinner and about more chores like that, lol (not glamorous at all).

However, I also do daydream about scenes in my book and about my characters (as most authors might do, I think, lol). I play out in my head a few scenes I’m still not sure about or want to tweak a bit and Imagine my characters’ daily life before my story began and see how they lived and what their dreams were.

Night Dreams

My night dreams are mostly about three things and they are one of my biggest inspiration:

My family, friends, and people around me, I dream about helping them and trying to make things easy on them. Let’s say my friend has a problem and we talk about it, I may dream of some new path she can go that might help her with her problem and so on. I have these dreams about myself as well when I have a problem and I’m trying to find a way how to fix it in my dreams, lol. I call these dreams work dreams (don’t know why).

At night I also dream about ideas and new worlds. My dream-journals are filled with new characters and royal families for many fantasy worlds, having many issues that must be resolved, lol. I even wrote two novels from that dream journal. I call these dreams writer’s dreams, as I think most writers tend to do that  😀

Goal Dreams

I mostly dream about being a published author  ❤ I want to be published traditionally and independently.

Why both? Well, I want to experience them both  😀


Well, that is all for this award and you got to know a little bit more about me and my dreams ❤ Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I loved doing this award. I will not nominate anyone, but if anyone would like to take on the award and share their dreams, please do  🙂 And Kate, thank you so much for this award  🙂

What are your daydreams and night dreams? Don’t be shy and share in comments, I would love to read all about them 🙂

As always, thank you so much for reading  ❤

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