Quarterly Goals Recap

Hello everyone and happy Monday to us all ❤

If by chance you don’t know what is Quarterly Goals, here’s a little introduction. I saw this feature at a YouTuber Author, Jenna Moreci. The idea is to list 10-20 goals for the next three months. This way you will be more focused on your goals and not watch TV, Netflix, YouTube or in my case, I won’t be gaming as much as I want.

If I accomplish my goals then I am amazing and I can say with a clear mind that I am the queen of the world, lol (or maybe not), but if I fail then I get to publicly say that I have failed (yay me). Sounds fun, right?

Quarterly Goals Recap

Before I will post my quarterly goals tomorrow, I want to do a short recap of the last quarterly goals (April – June) and see how I did.

  1. Write 250 pages (Come on Galit, I need to sit on my ass and write more. I can do this!).
  2. Edit on weekends.
  3. Write at least 8 blog posts a month.
  4. Change my blog theme and sidebar to what I’m working on now.
  5. Hold a giveaway (as I said in my last newsletter, it will be in June).
  6. Organize my blog.
  7. Clean up my twitter (again).
  8. Reach 750 followers on twitter 😉
  9. Finish book reviews on time!
  10. Organize files on my computer and hard drive (there are in a huge mess, lol).
  11. Buy a cover package.
  12. Hire an editor.
  13. Send out queries for T.E.L (already sent out 1).
  14. Read 3 to 4 books (not for reviews).
  15. Eat less junk food (must try at least, lol) 😉
  16. Journal more often.
  17. Try to keep the house more suitable for humans (even in those stressful days, lol).
  18. Buy a new mattress (omg, I have to do this).
  19. Buy new frames (haven’t done this yet, lol).
  20. Date night with hubby (maybe even a game night) once a week ❤
  21. Follow blogs and social media stats.
  22. Drink more water!
  23. Post more on social media (writing and book-related pics).
  24. Make some changes to the newsletter (already started working on that).

So, as you see… I have failed my quarterly goals. completely!

From 24 goals I’ve accomplished 3 (an epic fail). It’s been a while since I’ve failed this bad, lol. Now even though these past few months were a huge mess of busy schedule, it’s still not an excuse for this massive failing proportion.

Now I still have June to try and make things better, but I talked with some of my writing buddy friends and we hatched a plan for the next 3 month, but it started this month. Tomorrow, I will post my new Quarterly Goals 🙂


As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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