Friday Musing


Happy Friday to you all

Before I will start I just wanted to write a little update 😀 I feel a lot better with my allergy. I still have it and it’s still hard to breathe right, but it’s a lot better. I really wanted to say, thank you so much to you all. You really made my day with your wonderful and warm comments. Thank you so so much ❤


This week was as busy as the week before, but I did have time to complete things at home. I think that the changes to come with my mom and at my own home, are both stressing and exciting, lol 😀

For this Friday Musing, I have a few things I wanted to share with you. If you noticed there is a new tab on my blog with a question mark on it. This tab will be a new feature that will start somewhere in July. You will find more details on that in the newsletter that will be out in just 2 days (28.6) 😀 So make sure to not miss anything.

SeriesI can’t seem to edit, while I am this stressed out and writing is much easier than editing (for me), I started a new story that really looks like it could grow into a whole novel 😀 But we’ll see…

Me and my online friend are trying to make the right fitness plan that will work well with our illnesses and not being too hard, but still helping us lose weight and make us stronger. I am very excited by that 😀

These are my Friday Musing for this week.

It’s mostly of new beginnings and new plans. I hope that with the start of July things will get into some sort of new normality and I will be able to go back to my editing, even though writing a new story always inspires me and fills my creative juices for other areas in my life.

I hope this wasn’t that long for you, lol.

I wish you all a wonderful and relaxed Friday (and, weekend) 😀 My Friday will be of mostly relaxing, gaming and reading 🙂

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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