My Life Through Books Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Natalie from Science, Books and Silly Things to do this tag ❀ This tag looks like something fun to do, so I thought I would give it a go πŸ™‚

Baby: Did you like to read when you were little?

I really don’t remember.

Toddler: What was your favorite picture book?

There were a few books that I loved (they were in Hebrew). I also loved listening to my mom when she read to me short poems and stories. I remember that I get hypnotized by her voice as she read to me.

Child:Β Did you go through/are in a book β€˜phase’? (Like reading the thickest books, reading all of an author’s books etc.)

I read a lot of mystery books. A lot!

Tween: What books made/make you feel grown up?

I read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It really made an impacted on me. I used to take it from my mom’s nightstand, lol, and read it while no one was at home (I wasn’t allowed to read it because I was too young).

I also read Pride and Prejudice a lot. I wanted to be at those parties and I wanted to meet my own Mr. Darcy ❀

Teen: What are/were books that you rave/d about?

As a teen, sadly I didn’t read much (but classics, tons of them). I did a lot of art and started to write a lot.

At the age of 20 (I think) Maybe a bit more I started reading Hatty Potter and I couldn’t stop reading, talking and thinking about it πŸ™‚

Adult: What are books that used to seem boring to you but now you really like?

Isaac Asimov’s books, lol. My mom used to read them and she always tried to give them to me so I will read them, but they looked boring. But now…Now I want to read them all ❀

Elderly: What book from your childhood and/or teen years that you still cherish?

It was a book of poems for kids called Celebration of songs (in Hebrew), that I love so much even now I read from it every once in a while. I really love The Little Prince, I still read it sometimes. I also really loved Winnie-the-Pooh and still do.

Well that is all for this tag, hope you liked it and as always, you all nominated πŸ˜‰

Feel free to share in the comment below about book from your own childhood or any other thought πŸ™‚

As always, thank you so much for reading ❀


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