Home is…


I was looking at some quotes at some of my favorite author’s books. (click on the picture to see it on Goodreads)

I saw this quote by Robin Hobb. I have all of her books and they are such a great & inspiring read… I recommend it with all of my heart ❤

I love this quote as it is so true to me.

I never saw my home as the place where I live, but with whom I live with. My home is where my husband is, not where we live. As a child, I moved a lot… I mean a lot, so I never got attached to the location itself. I once went back to my childhood home (I used to live there with my grandparents) and like the quote says, there was nothing there. I didn’t remember things about the house, I remembered the people and all that we shared together.

What do you remember the most: the house you lived in, your family, or both?

What is your Definition of Home?

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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