Mini Note


Hey everyone,

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday. For us… It’s a holiday.

The Eve of Rosh Hashanah 💗
We arrived from London dead tired, lol and I got a bit sick (oh well).

I cleaned and organized the house, but didn’t organize all that was in our suitcase (lazy me, lol).

Now we are heading for a holiday dinner at my hubby’s parents for some yummy food.

I will post a mini update/s of our fun time in London and of what we bought (yey shopping) 💗💕

I really hope that this week I will be able to catch on some of your posts (sorry that I have missed so many of them) and thank you so much to you all for your wonderful wishes (you are all amazing).

I miss you all so much and I can’t wait to talk to you about your week and how things went for you 😉

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤


Quick Update


Hello to all my readers and fellow bloggers,

Today is the day I am leaving to London (yey) and we are all packed and ready to drive to the airport 💗

I am so sorry that I was M.I.A for so much. These past two weeks we had such stressful days with our dog and now I hope that our veterinarian will manage to help her. 
Wish us luck 😉

Due to a masive request (you guys are amazing, thank you) I will update my instagram daily (maybe hourly, lol) about our trip… So prepare to be spammed all over instagram, twitter, facebook and even my blog 💗
So don’t forget to check these out 😉

Have a wonderful weekend and day and I will try to write soon.

I will miss you all and I promise to catch up on your posts once we have landed and are well rested.

Btw, if you saw my instagram you know that a new story popped into my head and since then I am writing non stop (writing so far on my phone, lol).

Okay, must finish this post and we are off to the airport ✈


Fav Five


Hello everyone, hope you are all having a nice day 🙂 Today I am at home and even though I need to do tons of stuff around the house, I just don’t feel like doing, lol (will do them later). This post was meant to up yesterday, but after the day I had, I just wanted to sleep. No worries it is here today 😀

It is time for another Fav Five (two weeks had gone by fast). I do hope that you like this little feature on the blog and this Fav Five came right in time for my trip 😀 London Baby!

So here is my Fav five (I will try to keep this short) 😉

Arcane Quest

For my more geeky/nerdy readers, I wanted to share with you an awesome android game called the Arcane Quest. I just bought the Ultimate Edition as both hubby, and I are addicted to this game 😀 We have it on our tablet and I have it on my phone ❤

This is such an awesome game and it very similar to the HeroQuest boardgame we have. This game is so much fun and has a cool D&D feel to it. You have the basic quest, but you can also download tons of other quest people did – love it!



Reboot by Amy Tintera.


I re-read this book again because I want to read the next book in this series called Rebel. I really loved reading this book. It was such a fun and light read and I love the idea (it sounds like it could be a nice movie) 😀 Can’t wait to read Rebel. I have it in my Kindle but I don’t have time to read it yet, but I hope that soon I will.

60 Second Mask (hair mask)


Okay you guys, this mask is amazing for super dry hair (like mine). I tried so many masks that are out there, but sadly none did anything. This one I got from my hair-dresser as a gift to try out, at first I didn’t think it will do anything and now after 2 weeks of experience with it, I had to say that this mask is unbelievable and it smells really good 😀 My hair is still dry, lol, but it feels much smoother to touch (yey).

I am sure to buy more of the Kava Kava, 60 Second Mask

Podcast Addict App

I have this app for a long time, but now that I am on the road a lot, I get to use it much more. If you like podcasts this such a fun and simple way to listen to. I put it in the car and listen to my favorite episode. Love it!

A few of my favorite podcasts are:

The Nerdist + The Nerdist writer’s panel.

Stuff mom never told you.

Pop my culture.

 London ❤

LOL. This enters the category because I have only 1 week left till our trip and my mind is all mushed to a puddle. I am both excited and scared, lol. But mostly I can’t wait to see the sights, to walk the walks and buy some wonderful buys 😀 My mind is obsessed with detailed as both hubby and I are trying to plan this trip to the max ❤


That is all for this Fav Five, hope you like it and if you have some cool places, nice food or shops that you think I would love to see while I’m in London, don’t be shy and share your thoughts 🙂

((For me it’s time for more coffee))

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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Friday Musing


It’s Friday (yey)! I hope you are all having a wonderful day and that you have some time to enjoy yourselves and relax. I can’t tell you enough, how much I’ve been waiting for the weekend to arrive. I want to relax and just do nothing, lol (yep, nothing) 😀

This Friday Musing is going to be a bit different. I want to share with you something truly exciting for me (and hubby).  I told you a few posts back that soon I will be going on a 5 days trip and now I want to share the location with you all 😀

This trip is to…
London, baby! Woot Woot 😀 ❤
Yes! Whee… (finally) I am going to London ❤


Ever since I could remember myself, I dreamed of visiting London and when I first read Jane Austen (and other classics), it just made my desire to visit London even greater. And now…

Now this dream is coming true (screeching with excitement). I can’t believe that I am going to see for the first time in my life (at the age of 41) the one city I wanted to see the most… LONDON (yep, you gonna read this a lot, lol) ❤

This is beyond unbelievable for me. My hubby’s parents made this gift for us (a huge, amazing and awesome gift), a gift I cannot say no to, lol. I just can’t believe we are actually going to London (OMG). I have this amazing huge ball of excitement and fear in my tummy and it’s only growing as time goes by. I have never been on this long flight and the destination is just something I knew I could never see (due to budget) and now… LONDON (sorry for the caps, lol… okay I’m not that sorry, lol).

We are planning to see lots of things and enjoy London as much as we can with the time we have. I want to see everything, lol. Hubby has been to London a few times, but I never been there and this trip is just a huge dream come true for me. After that, I have another huge dream that I want to come true… Me being a published author ❤

We started to plan out the sites we want to see and visit (but more planning is needed of course) and I started to think and make a list of all the things I want to pack with me and us.

Suddenly the date of the flight is closing in on us and with all that was going on this past couple of months, I didn’t even see it coming. In my head, it was still far away, so I barely thought of it, but now… Now, it’s almost here.

There are so many things to do, to plan, to write and take care of that I can’t believe I have so little time, lol.

We are planning on leaving Israel on September the 5th and return on the 10th, leaving us with only 3 weeks to plan it all, lol (Ahhh).

Click on the pic to see where I got it from 😀

In London I plan to take tons of pictures of everything, lol, so I can share this amazing dream come true, with you all 😀 and I am going to write in my notebook a few little notes about the places we will visit ❤

Okay wow… I will stop here or I can write an entire book just about my dream (feelings and all…) of visiting London, lol.

Do you have a place you are dreaming to visit or revisit? Have you ever been to London? Can’t wait to read your comments 😀

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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