Blog Party


It’s A Blog Party

For those who celebrate Halloween, Happy spooky Halloween to you all, and to those of you who do not Happy and Relaxed Weekend.

So… I am starting this new monthly feature called Blog Party or as many bloggers call it, link party.


What you need to do is just link your favorite post, your last post or any other post or site of yours (only once please), down in the comments section so others can go and read your post or just visit your site. This party will go on until tomorrow’s next post, so you’ll have enough time to plug your book, your site or your post 😉

It’s like shameless self-promotion, lol, that I more than welcome today 😀


So have fun, grab yourself a cupcake or a nice drink. Sit back and enjoy the party here at Coffee n’ Notes 🙂

To make this party even bigger, I ask you (if you can <3) to share this on your social sites as well, so that everyone will have a chance to be visited or even followed ❤


So let’s start this party and have fun 😀 ❤



P.s… All pictures are from Pixabay and a few took from Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay.