Any advice on writing?


A friend of mine asked me if I have any writing advice, she said it might help her continue on with her writing.
At first, I was thinking “Omg, that’s so cool…”
A second later I answered, only calmer.

The very first thing that was on my mind was “Just write”,
She looked very disappointed.

We all want more, that magic wand that will make a published book with our name on it or a magic pill that will fix everything. So when I said to her just write, it was understandable she will be disappointed.
Sadly there is no fast fix to this.

If you want to be a writer, then write! It’s that simple.

My friend started to pour her heart out about her struggles, such as:

  • She is very messy.
  • She writes too fast and the writing is not what she wanted it to be.
  • She has too many ideas in one plot.
  • She will never be an author.

While she said all these things it hit me that I used to think the same way. So I calmed her down and shared my story, with a high hope it will help her somehow.

“Writers need to write,” I said.

No matter if you write dreams, stories, lines, thoughts or blogs. If you want to be more professional with your writing, you need to write and write some more. Enjoy the craft.
It’s ok, and even more than ok, to let the first draft be messy and “shitty”. It means you never stopped your creative flow and you wrote all that you could write about that story.

The important thing to know is that your story will not be a publishable work at your first draft. If you do think this way then you are living in a fairytale, sorry.

If you let yourself be in the “zone” of writing and write freely then you did do what was needed of you. The revision will be next, but when it comes to writing and jotting down those ideas and plots on paper (or keyboard) it’s best to allow yourself this freedom of writing.

If you feel that what you wrote makes no sense, leave it as it is. You can go back later, but now… it’s writing time. We all want perfection in our craft, only there can’t be perfection. I told her that I am a very messy writer. I have notes all over and even in the document itself.

I want to enjoy the writing or there is no point to it. I enjoy my craft more when I write freely and sadly when you write freely mistakes come soon after. I have spelling mistakes, my plot will suddenly turn into something else and if this happens I just write a note in the brackets, that way I know something changed and I will deal with it later.

Finally, I told her that she can relax because of a lot of other authors when I read about their creative process, say that they are very messy in their writing, after all, it’s only the first draft.

I love this saying so much, “It’s only the first draft.”

Finally, my friend understood what I was saying, but I saw she still wanted the fast fix and with that, I couldn’t help her.

Sorry for the long post and I hope you enjoyed my ramblings 🙂

Side note…

I think I will reach 130,000 – 150,000-word count which is far beyond what is needed, but I don’t want any limitations at this point in my writing. The editing will come later.

What are your thoughts of a first draft manuscript, should it be perfect for publishing? Can a first draft be just a first draft?

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤


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