Happy New Year (a small update)

Happy New Year everyone from the Coffee n’ Notes family and I hope you are all having a wonderful day and a great start to 2019 ❤

If you follow me on Instagram then you know already but if you don’t (go follow now :D) My mom is in the hospital and this time they think that her cancer might be back and we might know more tomorrow (we hope). The entire November and December my mom was in and out of the hospital so I think after this we will know what is truly going on and what we should do next.

Today is my mom’s birthday, so wish her luck. I am sure it will make her day ❤

Anyways, I don’t want to take a break from the blog, but I also can’t post 3 posts a week, as I tried to do until now. So… I will post only once a week 😀 I want to hear from you and I would love for your feedback on what would you love to see more from me 😀


Happy New Year To You All

Hello, everyone and happy 2018

I wish you lots of joy, good health, and love and may all your goals and dreams will come true this year.

Go and celebrate the new year and the new opportunities, leave the bad things in 2017 and know that this is a new start and you can do this. You can accomplish everything 😀

Don’t forget… The Rule of 3.

Plan your year, months and days well.

Work hard on your goals and dreams, because without hard work your dreams won’t work.

Be kind to yourself and to others.

Happy New Year 2018

 As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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Happy New Year


Hello everybody, I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend ❤

We have less than 3 hours of 2016 (here at Coffee n’ Notes) and I am more than happy to say goodbye to this year and start fresh 😀 I’ve learned a lot from this year and from being constantly busy, lol. I’ve learned what I really want to accomplish in life and how, but more importantly for the first time ever, I’ve made a very detailed action plan for each goal and I hope it will help.

Happy New Year to you all  ❤

I wish you all an amazing, productive and fun year. May you feel healthy, strong and inspired all year long.

Thank you so much for being part of my community, for all your likes, comments, shares and follows. I love you all so much ❤

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Weekly Round Up


I woke up today with a strong feeling that something is going to happen, then my mom called me. She’s been told that she needs to move away from the home she is in, in two weeks. So now we enter into crazy weeks of finding a new home for her.

This changes a lot of things for me and my plans change again. I will not bring myself to the amount of stress I was before. Now I know better and sadly I need to compromise a lot. I can’t bring myself to be so stressed again and I can’t-do it all.

My New plan for January (at least):

I will blog once a week (no more than twice).

I will be there for my mom as much as I can 😀

Hubby and Home are important to me, a lot. I want to do more ❤

I am taking a break from writing my novels and reading for Heena (TRB) the book reviews (I’m not sure I will have time to read at all).

Friday Musing

Friday Musing

Inspirations come in many forms and one of those forms is notebooks. Lot and lots of notebooks 😉

Happy New Year


I wish you all a happy and amazing new year ❤

Goodbye 2015


Saying goodbye to 2015 is very easy for me and I have learned so much these past few months, more than ever before.

2015 In Review


WordPress 2015 in review 😀 Thank you so much, everyone ❤ You all made this year a lot better for me 🙂

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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Happy New Year


Happy New Year to everyone ❤

I hope you all having fun in your celebrations, with your family and friends 🙂

May the new year bring you…

courage, strength, fulfilment, success, health and happiness ❤

Don’t be shy and share your favorite post, social media, or your blog and let’s celebrate the New Year 😀 ❤


Happy New Year & Thank you so much for reading ❤

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Goodbye 2015: Reflections and Goals

Goodbye2015It’s only a few hours before the New Year arrives and it seems as if the world stops and waits for it to come, lol.

This post will be long (sorry for that), so grab yourself something yummy, a fluffy blanket and relax as you read through this post 🙂

Reflection On 2015

For me, 2015 went by in a flash, I could barely calm myself down and enjoy a month, and the second month jumped in front of me. Soon enough it’s the end of the year. Looking back at 2015, I recognized some of my wrongs and some of the things I did well.


These 4 months were a good start of the year. I did struggle a bit with my writing but I managed to write a lot. I was very focused on my goals and I had minimum distractions.

This blog was still relatively new and I learned so much through blogging and through the wonderful people here.

I feel like a broken record saying this, but you guys are more than amazing to me (really). You have an amazing power to lift my spirit and these gifts I always take with me in my everyday life.


These 2 months were extremely good. I was on the right track and I knew what I want from my writing, home, and blog. I managed to do a lot of work and it made me feel productive and efficient.


Well, life got a lot more complicated, fast.

My mom had chosen to get out of her house and go to a Home. It was a hard transition for us all and tons more work, lol 😀 To tell you the truth, I felt more than overwhelmed and stressed.

I tried to do so much in a short period of time and it was just a matter of time until I will hit that wall. Summer is hard for me, anyways and I wasn’t used being so active at summer time.

I am very happy though that I have the opportunity to help my mom and be there for her, mostly because I get to know my mom as she is now and as I am now (both adults), but I did need to learn to take care of myself better.

In these 5 months, I did learn a lot about my writing and how I can write fast and everywhere 😉 It’s true that this is not always my best writing (I can always edit later), but as long as I’m writing, everything is okay 🙂

The editing part is hard for me, I have yet learned how to do it if I’m not at home, sitting by my desk with headphones on (with white noise playing).


Wow, what a month this is. I am sick for almost the entire month, lol. Did nothing but sleep most of the time.

2015 Goals


Saying goodbye to 2015, is a lot easier than other years, lol.

Even though I’ve learned so much this year, it’s still has been a very hectic and stressful year. I could easily say that this year was a bit too much for me and I wouldn’t mind if next year would be a little bit less busy (or crazy) 😉

Here is my Goodbye 2014, if you want to travel a year back (just click on the picture) 😀



My Goals (or plans) for 2015 were: Finish Immortal Earth, Book #1 (The Earth Legacy Series) and even finish editing it as well.

I did finish writing the first draft, but I didn’t start editing it.


I bought a few books about editing, writing and about the business behind the writer/author. Took lots of notes, listened to some awesome podcasts and even watched a few great YouTube videos. Did tons of research so I will know my craft better 😉

Planning & Time Management

I was always good with planning but I was less good with the whole time management thing, lol. Luckily I’ve learned a lot (and still learning) about time management and how to plan things better.

I am so lucky to have such wonderful bloggers who helped me with their posts about this subject and watch some great YouTubers who helped me plan my months and days better and be more efficient and utilize better the tools I have (my planner, the old pen and paper, my phone and even if I want, my tablet) 😀


Wow, this one was hard and tons of fun 😀

I tried to blog 3 times a week, some weeks I blogged more but most of the time I blogged three or less. I have enjoyed experimenting with some features and types of posts and I hope that I will be doing much better next year.


“Books must be treated with respect, we feel that in our bones because words have power. Bring enough words together they can bend space and time.”
Terry Pratchett

I happy to say that this year, I’ve read more than I planned to read. I wish I could have read more but there were weeks I couldn’t read at all.

I miss books so much and it’s true that I can continue on reading on my tablet or phone, but I miss the touch and smell of a new book.

Health and Fitness

Sadly, here I haven’t succeeded at all. I did try my best to eat healthier but as the stress built up, I went back to my old bad habits 😦 I need to learn to handle this better. I think I did well with my goal to stay positive and think positive. I do try to go by this rule every day 😀

Wow, we reach the end 😀 If you made it until the end, you are amazing ❤ If you didn’t, you are still amazing 😉

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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