Friday Musing {Geeky Version}


It’s Friday, everyone, omg 😀 Are you excited like me about the weekend?

I’ve been waiting for this weekend all week, not just because it’s Friday and Weekend but also The new expansion of my favorite game is coming out.

Yes! This Friday Musing is more on the geeky side (sorry), but I had to share my excitement with all of you wonderful readers ❤

Gw2 Heart Of Thorns is finally here!


So… We waited for this expansion forever now, or at least that is how it felt all these months, but now… Now, it’s here! and with it, they are bringing Halloween, omg. Now for all of you that are not gamers, I am sorry for rambling all about this, but I am completely stocked that it’s finally here.

This update is taking sooo long to download, we are waiting for more than 2 hours now. 98% (Now) and I am so close to load the game. Hubby even took a day off so we can play together, lol. There are so many changes and so many new things to explore and accomplish – how amazing is this, lol.

I hope you are all having an amazing weekend and a wonderful day. I am for sure all buzzed and stocked about this, so before I will keep up my ramblings I will end this short and head inside the game and see all the new wonders 😉

Have tons of fun, grab a cup of your favorite drink and relax… It’s weekend 😀

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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