Don’t Hold Back

Hey everyone, happy to see you here again and I hope you are having a wonderful day ❀ This goes under the category of building a business because I believe that in order to build a successful business you must stop holding yourself back. Tomorrow is my birthday and even though life is very complicated … More Don’t Hold Back

My February TBR

Hey all, I hope you are all having a nice Tuesday. Mine was busy at home, with lots of organizing, writing and editing πŸ˜€ Overall a good day, but I am already feeling tired, lol, even though it’s just 6pm and there are still things to do around the house. On January, I’ve managed to … More My February TBR

Writing Ritual Tag

Hello everyone, I hope you are feeling well and having a wonderful day πŸ˜€ For me, this month is already full of doctors appointments (for my mom), long holiday and almost no time for myself and to write. However, from next week things will change a lot when my husband starts his school, and IΒ will … More Writing Ritual Tag