New Progress Bars Available for WordPress!

Omg, look at these gorgeous Progress Bras, how amazing and cool are they?
She finally listened and made this cute bars that can be used on any website and… (wait for it)… on how amazing is this!

I am putting this on my blog as soon as I can 😀 It can be used for anything you want, not just your WIP progress, or Nano wordcount, but also as any project goal you have, it’s amazing for any blogger, writer and anyone with a site and… The prices are amazing 😱🎉 Go snag yourself a beautiful, elegant and one has even a dragon on it, how cool is she for doing these for us?

Go check them out and thank you for making these 💕

E.E. Rawls Writes

And yes, this includes users! In fact, the whole point is that they can be used on WordPress.comsites (like mine) and look unique, instead of the plain ones you find out there now. But first, here’s the story of how they came about:

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When I started revising the draft of my novel Strayborn, I wanted a cool widget that would show on the sidebar of my website my writing progress. I looked/googled around, but everything that was pretty, cool, and had special features used Javascript or some other thing that doesn’t allow. In the end, what I did find was a simple one color bar that showed percentages, so I used that. But after a while, it stopped working. I don’t know what the reason was, but it would no longer work on any of my sites. My frustration flared up.

I got to thinking how I…

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Friday Musing


Happy Friday to you all,

Here it’s still a holiday so everything for us is a bit off and we are doing mostly nothing but eat and sleep, lol.

In this Friday Musing, I have something a bit different. No links or something like that. For this week’s Musing, I want to share with you a dream I had.

This dream came back to me, almost all week.


I had this dream, (weird dream) that I am in a gray metallic room. It has a small wooden desk with a lamp on it and I was sitting on an old wooden chair. The table was full of papers and I was writing my book.

So far it sounds normal, right?  Now, this is where things get weird, lol.

I am sitting in this barely lit room, writing when a window suddenly opens to my right and a woman looks in and shouts at me over and over “Are you finished?” I sign with my head for, no!

This picture is taken from

After a while another window opens, this time it’s behind me. I get up and walk to the window and look outside of it. There is a home, I am in a living room and it’s all broken, old and messy. I walk back to my desk and continue with my writing.

To make things short, lol, I will not go into too many details.

Each night two windows appear out of nowhere in the walls and each night the woman from the window on my right, screaming about my deadline. She comes a few times to check on me, while other windows open around the room.

I know it sounds like a nightmare and less like musing, lol, but it inspired me a lot. I talked with my friend about these dreams and what she said, made me think more of this dream and it’s meaning to me.

She said “That room, is your crossroad right now. What you choose to do it, will lead you to where you need to be”

I loved that. This makes me think of my goals, dreams and how I want to get there in a whole new way. It’s not just about my writing, but it’s much more than that. I have so many goals for so many paths in my life and I want to succeed in all of these paths, even if it takes time.

Wow, sorry for all my ramblings and I hope it wasn’t too boring for you.

Have a wonderful weekend and as always, thank you so much for reading ❤


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I had A Dream…

No but really. I had a dream in the style of the little prince, but a different.

I dreamt that I was lost and a woman came to me and said that I need to go to the asteroid and what I need to find there are words. I went up the asteroid and I saw that were stars falling. I started to dig deep holes, so when the stars fell, they entered the holes and once they hit the ground the star exploded and words came out of it.

A moment later a shower of twinkling stars, came shooting down and I couldn’t dig enough holes fast enough, so many stars just exploded and the words went drifting back into space.

Later I talked to my friend and we tried to figure out what the dream means, we had a few ideas, but I’m still thinking about it.

For me, I think because the stars exploded into words and words is what I seek the most… with Nanowrimo closing in, I’m starting to get the butterflies both of excitement and nerves lol

I even looked it up online and I loved the interpretations people posted… So here they are 🙂

If you have any thoughts or interpretations of the dream, feel free to share them (I would love to read all of them).

Have a great day and thank you for reading my post ❤


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