Friday Musing

Hey everyone, happy Friday to you all 🙂 If you followed me over on Twitter, then you know I had a huge allergic reaction after I’ve been at my hairdresser. Apparently, there was Soy in some of the products they used on my hair and after an hour, I started to feel extremely bad. I … More Friday Musing

Weekly Round Up

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing holiday/Sunday and enjoying a bit of relaxation time. Celebrating with tons of gifts, yummy drinks, good food, and family ❤ I am still sick (wow, almost an entire month), but starting to feel a bit better. My throat still hurts but less than before … More Weekly Round Up

Random Ramblings

My holiday and weekend were weird (very weird). If you followed my twitter, you saw that I went to my doctor and did some tests. Then at Christmas Eve, my doctor called me and said that I must go to the E.R. due to my Throat Infection and my Addison’s disease. So as you see … More Random Ramblings

Quick Update

Hello to all my readers and fellow bloggers, Today is the day I am leaving to London (yey) and we are all packed and ready to drive to the airport 💗 I am so sorry that I was M.I.A for so much. These past two weeks we had such stressful days with our dog and … More Quick Update

Mini Update #2

I’ve planed so much today, but I managed to do only a few things, lol. I was too tired and didn’t have the right mindset to do much today.  The newsletter will come out on the 28th of this month and not today (sorry), but I still have a few changes I need to do … More Mini Update #2

Infinity Dreams Award

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a nice and relaxed Sunday. My Sunday so far is going well, did some writing, cleaned a bit and finished reading a book 😉 I was recently nominated by the lovely Katie from Plus+ Beauty. Thank you so much for nominating me Katie and definitely check out her … More Infinity Dreams Award