Friday Musing


Happy Friday everyone

I hope you are having a wonderful day and starting your weekend with plenty of rest and yummy food 😉

I am still sick, but I am starting to feel so much better.

Last time I saw my mom, she gave me a holiday gift… Beautiful watercolor pencils and I can’t wait to start using them. I stared at them, lol, a few times while organizing all my pencils, pens and other office supplies on my desk.

At first, I placed them in my art supply box, but I took them out a moment after and I am thinking of trying them out this week.

Maybe it’s time to paint again (missed painting a lot) 😀

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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Friday Musing


It’s Friday… I am so happy that the weekend is here, how about you?

This weekend will be eventful for us, but I am still excited for it to arrive. between events, lol, I am planning to rest, color, catch up on more blog posts I’ve missed, game and rest some more 😀

So… For this Friday Musing I have two things I want to share with you:

Adult Coloring Book 😀 Been there, said that, lol, I know :D. But I love the coloring book (I know, I know… You are sick of reading this, but it’s so true). I enjoyed this activity so much and now that I bought some wonderful coloring pencils, I really love to sit down, listen to some podcast or to an imaginary rain, lol (still dreaming of winter) and color 😀

I will share the final work here, but if you want you can see my progress over on Instagram.

It’s so nice and relaxing. I missed doing art so much, especially doing it just for fun. It doesn’t have to be perfect or professional, just coloring, lol 😀

I’ve even got inspired by all the coloring and had some nice new book ideas that jumped to my head and I started writing again (something new), only this time it’s more Fantasy, so will see how it goes. I love writing so much, but I wish I loved editing just as much, lol ❤

The second Friday Musing I want to share with you is:

I talk to my friend about organizing your goals to accomplish your dreams. We talk about this a lot. She shared her ideas, I shared mine. After our talk, I went online and searched on that a bit more and after a half an hour or so, I landed on an article that talked about editing and how to fit it better with your daily life, and it really inspired me. It made me think a lot about how to make the editing much easier for me, but I still need to practice it some more, lol.

I will share more about it in another post I will be sending out next week 🙂

Okay guys, I will close this post before it will get too long and leave you with something cute, just for you 😀

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend. Rest a lot and enjoy your weekend, you deserve it 🙂

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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Fav Five


Hi everyone, welcome back to another Fav Five 😀 How is your day going so far? I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday ❤

My day was overall nice, I was at home all day and I managed to do some of the things I wanted and planned, even had some relaxing time. The heat is still unbearable and I daydream of rain and cold, lol, a lot (no…really, I do).

I am still behind on reading your great posts, but tomorrow I plan to dedicate my entire morning just for you! (Yes, you!) and read tons of posts (can’t wait).

For this Fav Five, I am going to post only 3 favorite things (sorry), but these couple of weeks were extremely busy and these are truly my favorites. I have some new things and some things that you might already know if you saw my Instagram or twitter 😀

So let’s start…

My Phone ❤

Ok, I just have to put it here (sorry, lol), but I love my new phone with its white-pink case. It’s so nice to have a phone that really works smoothly and not crashes on me every time I try to do something. I can even play smoothly, lol (Love it) 😀 I already was able to jot down some ideas and did some writing in it (perfect) ❤

Adult Coloring Book (Oh yeah…)

I already bought a few and I was able to sit down and do some coloring, it was sooo relaxing and fun… highly recommend it. I already had a lot of colored pencils in the house but sadly, most of them were so soft and barely pigmented that I was very disappointed. I need to buy some good quality of colored pencils 😀 After that, I left the pencils and took out my thin pens and thin highlighters and started to color with them (Only started with bubbles in this coloring book… Click to enlarge) 😀


Critical Role (D&D Show)

Both hubby and I are addicted to this show called Critical Role from Geek and Sundry (As well as to Titansgrave). It’s a long show (of 3 to 5 hours, lol) where we watch amazing people play D&D (dungeon and dragons). I love the show and it’s just so inspiring for me to see their characters and adventures (just love it) ❤

Okay, that is all for this Fav Five or Fav Three, lol, sorry about that 😉

I hope you have some awesome things you loved this week and if not, I hope you’ll have some soon (it’s only Monday) 😀

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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Friday Musing


Happy Friday you guys (wow… Friday is finally here) 😀

This week was an extremely hard week, especially due to the extreme heat that is still going on where I live (hope it will get easier, soon… oh please…).

Even though I had lots to do this week (mom, home, and writing) and this unbearable heat, it was a very fun and overall good week. I managed to do a few of the things I really wanted and I even was able to buy a new awesome buy 😀 😀

We went to the store and we bought a new phone (finally)… Woot Woot 😀 We bought a newer version of the Samsung S (but not the S6). I bought the Samsung S5 white (YEY) and I am so happy with it… It has a bigger display and it’s much stronger than the S3 (I had before) ❤

Took the picture from this site (click on picture) 😀

Sorry for the rambling, but I really love it! New phone, is always such a wonderful thing, lol, also I looove the new pink case (so cute but sturdy)<3


Another wonderful thing I wanted to share with you is that we (hubby and I) are planning a 5 days trip (Yey) and I will share more details on that later, but I will say (for now) that I am extremely (very and utterly) excited about this awesome trip 😀 ❤

Before I’ll finish, I wanted to also share that I am planning on buying these cool Adult Coloring Books (I really love to color, draw, doodle, paint, lol). I saw a few of them in the stores and over on YouTube and they really made me wanna buy and color… I’ve wanted to buy these for a lot of time 😀

Took this picture from here (click on the picture).

I shared the video from YouTube from Olly LoveArt 🙂 Btw, look at her beautiful nails, wow.

Hope you guys are having a nice Friday and may you have an awesome weekend ❤

How was your week? Was it hard? Did the week just fly by fast? Can’t wait to read your thoughts 😀

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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