How To Write During The Holidays

The holidays are upon us and with them come the holiday parties, family gatherings, lots of celebration that will lead us straight to the new year, and many yummy foods.

If you’re asking why even write during the holidays and why not just rest and recharge. Well if you take this time to recharge then you must need that, but if you just taking this time to be less productive or you just don’t know how to write during this chaotic time, well for that I wrote this post.

For me this is the perfect time to push through, start new things and not slow down, so that my new year will start better and stronger. There is nothing wrong with taking a break especially at this time of year, but for me and many others, we slowly fall into the writer’s block or slump, after not writing for so long. So I try and keep writing, even if it’s just a little each day, a few lines or just an idea, a dialog… Just enough to keep the writing juices flow in the next year. It makes getting back to my writing routine much easier.

So I gathered the best tips I use to write during these holidays and I hope they will help you enter the new year with strong writing motivation.

Read your favorite book

Reading always brings new ideas into my mind but reading one (or a few) of my favorite books seems to do that even easier. If you are going on vacation or visiting family, bring with you a book or two (ebooks if you don’t want to carry them with you) and a notebook or just use your phone and jot down any idea that you like while reading, a great dialog, a nice description anything that would later help you write faster and get more motivated to write.

Listen to music and make a playlist

I love to use Spotify and there are so many great writing playlists out there that will surely spark your imagination. I love making character playlist but also a place my character is going at or living in. The possibilities are endless and music always seems to help me get motivated and inspired.

Learn to write on your phone

Our phone is a wonderful tool, almost like small computers. you can capture an image that helps you describe things better, write in your notes (or other apps), and even record your thoughts and ideas. With your phone is like you are carrying an endless way to help you be a better writer. So, grab your phone and start writing, even if it’s just a few lines or random words that seem to spark an idea, anything that will later help you combine all of these things into a great story.

Do shorter but effective writing sprints

Even we are surrounded by endless parties and family gatherings, we still have a bit of time for ourselves, if it’s in the early mornings or before we fall asleep. Find these little moments and do some short writing sprints. put on a timer for 5 minutes if that is all you have and start writing. If nothing comes to mind then just journal in these 5 minutes. At least you are writing and that what’s important here, not what you are writing but the fact that you are… Writing.

Join the parties and the conversation, you will have tons of ideas later to write about before you fall asleep.

You have no idea how much I love to listen to random conversations, lol (I know, I’m weird), but look around you, try to listen to others or join the conversation if you want and can, soon enough you will find that even these random conversation with family and friends, coworker and strangers ca spark many ideas and inspiration to a few lines and description that you will later be able to jot down in your notebook or you can use your phone.

Don’t stress if you didn’t write, there’s always tomorrow.

If you still can’t write a day or even two, don’t stress and don’t be hard on yourself, just try again tomorrow. There’s always tomorrow to try again. And if you can’t seem to write anything, I would try to just journal about my day for a few minutes.

Bonus tip:

Build a small reward system not based only on food or shopping.

Try not to reward yourself with food alcohol or shopping. Find the rewards that will really excite you and bring you more motivation and inspiration. For me at least, I love to reward myself with more youtube if it’s just for fun or inspiration. I know that I earned that after all my writing, hehe. Rewarding with food, alcohol or shopping is fun as well but it can lead to bad behaviors that we do not wish to have. So choose your reward wisely and something that will feel like you earned that.

Do you write during the holidays? Any tips to share?

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤


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Happy New Year To You All

Hello, everyone and happy 2018

I wish you lots of joy, good health, and love and may all your goals and dreams will come true this year.

Go and celebrate the new year and the new opportunities, leave the bad things in 2017 and know that this is a new start and you can do this. You can accomplish everything 😀

Don’t forget… The Rule of 3.

Plan your year, months and days well.

Work hard on your goals and dreams, because without hard work your dreams won’t work.

Be kind to yourself and to others.

Happy New Year 2018

 As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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Goodbye 2014

Bye Bye

It is time to say goodbye to another year.

I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of 2014 and I’m here writing my last post of the year (well the last before the last one, lol). Where has the time gone?

So much has happened this year, good & bad. I failed almost in all of my goals that I have set for myself for this year, lol, but I did manage to learn so much about myself and see others through clearer goggles. I was able, by the end of the year, to be more assertive about people’s requests but also I am more motivated to accomplish what I want (why couldn’t it come earlier… oh well).

I wanted to share with you the 4 most important things I’ve learned this year… So here they are.

Time management. This is very hard for me and I still struggle with this. In order for me to be more productive in my work, hobbies and also having time for my family & friends, I had to learn to manage my time better, much better! This means giving up on other things, there is no other way.

Putting yourself and your needs first. OK! This is by far the hardest for me yet. I am getting better at identifying when someone truly needs me at that moment or it can wait for a while. I am still working on this, but I did learn, the hard way, that if I don’t put my need first, no one will. I will never accomplish what I want for myself and that will be a shame.

Positive thoughts go a long way. This is something I’ve learned that helped me in every aspect of my life.

Sharing my writing or sharing in general, is truly great and extremely helpful in order to get a better understanding of my readers and meet new people… I’ve grown to love it very much.

There are a few things I still need to learn and do better at, but that’s why there are New Year’s Resolutions, lol.

As I look back at the crazy year that almost gone, there is one thing that I am more than happy about and that is, You! I’ve been so lucky to make this blog and meet so many fantastic and creative people online. It means so much to me that someone out there found my blog and decides to read, share, and engage with me through comments and through other social media I am on. This is, by far, was the best part of my year (I know it may sound lame, but that’s the truth).

This blog is still young (almost 3 months), but I already learned so much and that is extremely precious to me. Thank you so much for being here for me and I hope you continue with me as we enter the new year of 2015 towards new adventures.

So, what’s next for me?

Well… That’s for a whole new post 😉

But for now, I would love to know how are you closing the year of 2014? Are you excited for the New Year to come? Do you have new plans or new goals? I’m looking forwards to see your comments.

If there’s anything you’d love to see here, let me know!

Happy Holidays & Thank you so much for reading ❤


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Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays to all the lovely bloggers

Hanukkah just ended yesterday, kids all over lighted the last candle of the holiday.

Christmas has arrived and with it the feel of a new year that’s approaching and the great feeling of family sitting down together, sharing precious moments. I may not celebrate Christmas Eve I remember as a child, but I still love this holiday so very much and each year I get very excited about it ❤

Enjoy the holiday and the time you spend with the family, enjoy the yummy foods and drinks, make new and better memories and just have tons of fun ❤

I found a cute video on YouTube about the classic Christmas song… So cute.

I wish you a magical day & I hope you’ll get all that you dreamt of.

Thank you so much for your support and Have a great Christmas ❤


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Giving Thanks <3


To all that celebrate this holiday… Happy Thanksgiving to you all 🙂

Where I live, we don’t celebrate this holiday, but I would love to give thanks, and think of all the good things I have in my life, especially when things are so crazy right now.

So here are a few things I give thanks fot 😀

* My Hubby, my little crazy doggie, my family & friends. I Love my husband so much and I thank the stars above that gave him to me. Thank you so much my love

* You ❤ Yes… you guys, I feel very lucky to be here, in this WordPress community, being able to share my random thoughts with my beautiful readers. Thank you so much, just for being here and supporting me to share and giving me a chance to know you all better ❤

* Writing. Even though it was NanoWrimo and I needed to write a lot and fast, I missed writing a lot. This month was very hard and I had to juggle with too many events and it made it impossible to do much writing. More than that… I’ve learned just how much I want this for myself and I started to fight for my time to write. Still learning… 📝

* I give thanks that I have a roof over my head, food and clean water, I know that not everyone is that lucky, so I must give thanks for that. Even if in my daily life I think of the things I need and want, I still know that I am lucky to live in a place where I have welfare support and that we work hard to have all the necessities and comfort.

* Strength & Inspiration. I give thanks to all the people around me who gave me strength and helped me to rise high when I was down. I give thanks to people all around me and around the globe that gave me motivation to thrive and gave (and still give) me strength to work through everything life may drop on me and inspire me to do more everyday ❤

Let me know if you give thanks to something in your life, would love to know what are you thankful about.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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