How To Cope With Feeling Overwhelmed?

This is a very relevant topic for me right now, as I am working through some extremely overwhelming few weeks. We encountered a few family issues that we need to see how things will go, things I have zero control of, but affects me extremely.

Covid had brought lots of struggles into our lives, if it is happing right here to you or me or we see in the news, the world seems even more divided, broken, and at war and seeing all of this through our phones, tv, news site, and social media, brings all of this to the front and center for us all.

If you are feeling overwhelmed from news, overworking, struggles in your real life or all of the above like it is for me these weeks, keep reading I am sure it can help you as it is helping me to destress and feeling less overwhelmed, and giving me a feeling that I have control over my life.

If you are like me then your to-do list is longer than 20 items to do that day, always saying yes to people because you truly want to help and be there for them, and to top it all, life always brings a surprising unwanted events to my life like it has these past few weeks. Leaving me feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated, and I feel out of control completely.

So what can you do when you are feeling overwhelmed and regain that control back into your life?


Yes, the first thing you should do is to brainstorm what is on your mind. Put everything (and I mean everything) that is on your mind right now and put it down on paper. Write about your chores, your work, your dreams, your fears, keep writing until you know that you are done. Yes it can be a lot of writing and it can fill a lot of pages, but taking all (or most) that is just sitting there in your brain and putting it outside on a paper, helps more than I can ever say.

So start by writing why you are feeling overwhelmed and about all that is bothering you. 

I also love to add next to everything I wrote: do I have control over this or not.

Focus on now! and on what you have control of

Know that worrying about all the things that we don’t have control of will only lead to more stress and burnout. Try to focus your energy on what you have control of, how you can spend your time, and on what.

Write down to see what you can focus on at this moment and yes on the outside there are many more things that demand your attention and a lot more to worry about but to not feel that overwhelming feeling and that out-of-control feeling, you must focus on the now! on this moment and focus on what you can influence and on what you have control.

See what you must do at this moment and move on to the next, do not look to the future or anywhere else, look at now.

See how you react

Write down how do you react to feeling overwhelmed about something or many things. Are you being negative at yourself, do you use short-term gratification as a coping mechanism?

Write down what is your automatic reaction to stress or feeling overwhelmed. writing these things may seem tedious but it is so important to see if you have the correct tools to deal with or you might need more help on finding better tools t cope with stress.

Take actions

After you zoned in, focused on what you need to do right now, you can easily move to take more actions, more little steps, and show up for yourself as well. Once you are finished with the first step, move to the second and so on, until you are done.

Don’t worry about the other things, do the first thing you wrote that is important to finish and then to the next step after that. Once you are done, you can see what you need or want to do next, and so on.

Understanding and seeing the steps we need to take make things very easy and we feel less stressed and less overwhelmed about our lives or tasks, and we can easily let go of the things that we can’t control, because they will happen or not, no matter what you do or don’t do, so let it go. If you can do something about a life event that is happening, focus and take action. But, if you’re worried about something you have no control over, realize that there’s no point. You might as well relax and enjoy the moment.

Also, it will help to build a routine that will be more aligned with your wants and needs, but that can be in a future post.

Set boundaries for your time

See what things you say yes to, because each time you say yes to something or someone you are saying no to something else.

So, if you are saying yes to watching tv, do it because you truly need that relaxation time and not to procrastinate on doing your task or working on your project. If you are saying yes to someone see that it is not taking your time from something you need or want to do.

Take some time away

Do things that you love to do to destress and relax, like watching a movie, or a series, read a book, meditate, do some art, go for a walk, play games, workout, yoga, or just sleep.

Take some time to relax and not think of work or life, use this downtime to fuel your energies.

Basically, feeling overwhelmed is natural, it comes and goes every time we try to take more than we can handle, and sometimes life just drops a huge bomb on us (like a pandemic or war). This feeling is difficult to avoid more so in today’s world and social media, but these little things you can do to truly reduce those feelings. 

Remember to let go (as much as you can) of the things that you do not have any control of and see what you can control, take small steps forwards and understand how you react to this stress and the overwhelming feeling. Build a healthy routine while putting boundaries around yourself, and if you need to take this time to detach, sleep, or just take some time away, and before you know it this feeling will subside and you will feel stronger and in control of your life again.

Thank you so much for reading ❤️



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