How to get started on your goals?

Achieve your goals, Galit Balli

January has gone and for most people, so are their goals. Most of us want to wake up and start going after our goals, and our dreams, but for most of us, the motivation is long gone. Even more in this cold weather, where all we want is to be curled up with a good book, with a hot drink, and not move one inch, lol. 

So how do we push ourselves? How do we start our goals and give our future us, a better life?

So knowing what we want to achieve and doing them are very different things, we all know this, lol, and if you are like me and you do hold off on starting some of your goals and you just need a little push, consider this a little kick in the butt (I need this kick as well, hehe).

The best way to achieve any goal or anything in life is to start. This is the most important thing but also the hardest sometimes to achieve. So here are a few of my hacks and tricks to get me started on my tasks that sometimes I don’t feel like doing or pushing myself towards a goal I want to achieve.

See the progress

 If I see the progress I keep going and if I don’t, well… I don’t, lol. It sounds weird I know. I love breaking down all my goals into measurable outcomes, that way I will always see if there’s any progress or not. This is not just to see the progress but it’s the perfect way for me to build the momentum from starting something and keep going and hopefully finishing it, and starting again 😀 I love seeing the percentages go up in my goals as well, lol. For example, If my goal is to upload 8 videos a month and I already uploaded 1 video, I still have 7 more to go… This is a measurable outcome for my goal and this is the best way to really see your progress and make you keep going… Just imagine it as a progress bar 😉

Get yourself all hyped up

Getting myself hyped up or excited about a task or goal is a key to starting a goal or a task but this mostly helps me with the chores I don’t feel like doing in this cold weather, lol or editing a video, or anything that I want more than anything to just procrastinate.

I say to myself ” wow this video is so fun to watch, can’t wait for people to watch it, so I must finish editing so I can then upload. “I love an empty sink, so I put on music and let it hyped me up and I start washing the dishes.” Basically, any task, project, or goal will be achieved if I hyped myself up to it.

You just change the way you see things. Instead of saying to yourself… I don’t want to wash these dishes right now, maybe later.. instead of that. Just say, “I would love a clean sink, I can listen to great music or podcast or to a book and enjoy my time while doing this chore.

I even say to myself when nothinng else works, lol, “just get your hands wet over the kitchen sink, and if you still don’t want to wash the dishes don’t, lol.” 100% of all the times I said this to myself, I wet my hands and continued on with the dishes. It sounds weird, but making yourself take that smallest step will make you keep going and finishing your tasks.

“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands—your own.” Mark Victor Hansen

Start (Just start)

As my trainer once said to me “Motivation is a myth, you just need to start.” You can really get excited about starting a book, going to the gym, or writing an essay for school or even a book, but in most case, this excitement will fade off fast and then you will start to procrastinate and push those goals aside, but if you just start the momentum of doing an action will give you the motivation to continue. 

Many books are talking about this, and the most popular is The 5 Second Rule, where you basically have 5 seconds and you just start, if you feel like it or not, you count 5 4 3 2, and on 1 you get up.

This is amazing for me when it comes to smaller chores or tasks, the countdown won’t allow my brain to think about an excuse, so I can just jump on the task and start doing it. For me personally, the 5 seconds rule doesn’t work for a bigger goal but, if something truly important to me I will get up, and if it’s something I can procrastinate on, but still needs to be done I start following my system, that in most cases ensures that I am doing that task or following that goal.

Know your intentions

Lastly, and this speaks both for goals, big projects, and smaller ones like creating content, working out, organizing the house. Knowing your intentions will help you keep going and building that momentum. It will push you more than anything because it will align with your personal truth and your own way of thinking.

Knowing your intentions with a goal can be something like this:

  • I want to inspire others and myself to create more by creating more content about what excites me and fills my life with passion.
  • I want to feel stronger and feel healthier by working out, eating healthy, and drinking more water.
  • I want to have a home that makes me feel safe and connected to my family and friends, by having a good routine that will help me keep in touch with my family and friends and a cleaning system that won’t overwhelm me and I can continue doing every day.

Take a few moments for yourself, and for every goal you set, write your intentions right now so they will keep pushing you forward, and you will be able to achieve your goals and even your dreams.

These are my best hacks and tips to get myself started on an annoying task or a big goal, and helping future Galit finish her tasks and achieving her goals.

I truly hope this will help you as well when you need it, and if you have some good hack or tips s as well, share them in the comments below for us all to learn 🙂

P.s, be sure to visit my channel tomorrow for an exciting new series of bullet journaling 🙂

Stay safe, warm, and kind ❤

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