A Bit Too Much

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a good day and having a great start to July ❤

I will start by saying that I am sorry for the sudden MIA for almost the entire month of June. From my mom not feeling well and starting to get better, my dog that is feeling sick right now and my husband’s surgery… Life is a bit too much right now.

I am mostly feeling stressed and mentally exhausted to do anything and even blogging, that is why I will continue my blogging vacation just for a bit longer, not too long I hope.

I just need to refresh and get back to some sort of a normal daily living before I will start blogging. So I will be back in about a week or two and start getting back to my normal routine 😀

How’s your week so far?

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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16 thoughts on “A Bit Too Much

  1. Sorry to hear things have been a bit much for you. I’ve felt similarly this year – with my dad and granddad both having pretty serious health problems then my dog getting ill just at the wrong time. It’s good to take a step back 😌 x


    1. Wow, we do a full plate on us both… Sorry for that and I hope things will get better soon. Taking a step back and try to see all the things I’m grateful for, helps a lot with my stress and anxiety. Well… and music 😍 Spotify playlists are in none stop playing mode, hehe.


  2. I completely understand, I had a hiatus all through May. Sometimes we need to put ourselves first, step back and focus on self care. I hope your husband recovers well and that your dog gets better and that your mother continues to get well. We’ll be here when you get back

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    1. Oh my god, yes. That is what I’m doing right now… Taking a step back, reviewing everything and setting smaller goals so I can focus better on what I want and need 🙂
      Thank you so so much, every day that they feel better, I fee much better :D<3

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      1. I’m glad you’re taking a hiatus. It’s so easy to let things overwhelm us until we get so ill with it. Acknowledging the need to step back before we are actually forced to by illness etc is the best way. I’m sure you’ll come back refreshed

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  3. 🙂 I truly hope that your mother makes a full recovery.

    I am sorry to learn that things are not going so well for your husband and your dog (Oh, that is truly a whole lot to bear).

    In the meantime, engage yourself in an activity that will cheer you up.

    My week went rather well. The only thing I can really complain about is the hot weather.

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    1. My mom is already doing much better, thank you ❤ She still has a bit to go but I am happy that she is on the right path 🙂
      My dog is almost 16 years old so every sickness or weird behavior makes me filled with anxiety (overprotected mommy, lol).
      My husband’s surgery went well but he’s still in pain so I truly hope he will feel better soon.
      So happy that your week is going well and the heat is really overwhelming as well. Can’t wait for fall ❤

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