Writer’s Log: What My Clutter Say About Me?

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a good weekend ❤

Today’s post is a reply of some sort to a video I saw about minimalism and clutter. What would my clutter say about me? OMG. The thought of it alone is too much sometimes.

As Ronald said in his video, people in our life that love us… Mostly if not totally will say kind and wonderful things about us, but clutter will never lie and clutter will tell the honest truth even if it’s the last thing I want to hear, hehe. Btw, you should really watch his videos they are so informative and fun to watch 🙂

As I go through our belongings and sort our things of what to keep, donate or throw away, I see how it slowly changes my thoughts about our ‘Stuff’ but I never gave a thought of what the clutter could say about me, but I think that in my heart I knew.

So here are a few things Clutter would say about me if he could, lol:

  • I am trying to please people and not myself.
  • I try to live someone’s else’s life.
  • I buy too many things I don’t really love or need when I’m too stressed and overwhelmed.
  • I use clutter as some sort of protection (now this was a huge wow moment for me as I wrote it down in my journal… HUGE).

After realizing these things and understanding that I don’t want these things to be said about me, even if they are the truth of some sort, I still need this to change. I now have a better understanding of how clutter represents me and how I want my life to be.

This clutter that surrounds us all in some form is just another coping mechanism to the stuff that happens to us if its stress or sadness or any negative feeling we might feel. Even by just understanding this little bit already helps to put things in a better perspective and that leads to a better understanding of what I want to accomplish by decluttering this or that room. It makes things much easier to remove the items I kept holding onto “just in case” and move forward to the life I want for myself and for my family.

Anyways, just some random thoughts I wanted to share with you in this short post.

What your clutter would say about you?

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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10 thoughts on “Writer’s Log: What My Clutter Say About Me?

  1. now im inspiered to throw the clothes i didnt ware this winter…its hard but they are baggy like, and i dont want to save them for a rainy day, its a hard choice to make, but i think ill manage 🙂
    thanks G

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      1. I donate clothes I no longer wear or don’t need. It’s hardest to donate the ones that I’m emotionally attached to – even things I don’t even love or that spark joy. Donating gives me peace of mind though, knowing that this stuff is going to a better home. I’ve tried selling clothes but didn’t have luck with that.

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        1. Not all things spark joy, hehe at least for me but I still keep them because I need to use them, or have a very strong emotional connection to that item, and that’s okay as well 😀 I love donating items of any sort, that way I know that someone else might need that and even love using it. I never tried selling the items (don’t know why) but I think it’s mostly because I am much happier to gift these items I know some friends would really love or donate it to a good place I am sure people will get good use out of them.


  2. This is a great thought about clutter, and the baggage we carry with the clutter. I will be sure to check out his video.

    Some reasons I hold onto clutter:
    • hoping to be skinnier so I hang onto clothes I that are too small for me, just in case I fit into them again one day
    • trying to form an identity with things through “collecting.” I stopped this behavior two years ago as I continue to work towards an ego death
    • keeping things for the future in case a family member wants my stuff one day (I’m looking at you, wedding dress)
    • emotional attachment: might have been a gift, or something I regretted buying but spent too much money to let it go. Usually memories go along with these emotional attachments and these items are often the hardest to discard

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    1. I am guilty with all of the above, hehe 😀
      I am trying to be better with just in case things and jeans for when I’ll be thinner, lol (super guilty, lol).
      But I guess we all carry some baggage towards our things and clutter.

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      1. YES! I have that pair of jeans too. They’re my grade 8 jeans! I hope to wear them again and can’t seem to let them go, no matter how many times I try to donate them. Sisterhood of the traveling pants wasn’t an accurate depiction of how jeans really are lol 😂👖

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