Writer’s Log: Failing But Keep Trying

Hello everyone, happy Wednesday to you all ❤

Hope your day is going well, and if not… It’s almost tomorrow 😉 A new day.

Recently I’ve been trying to wake up at 4 am and absolutely failing at it, lol. No matter what I do, I just get more frustrated with my bedtime routine and not getting up at 4 am at all. However, I did learn that most of my problem beyond stress is that my nighttime routine is a real shit (sorry of the language). I watch TV or youtube until 1 am at best and I barely have any relax time away from a screen.

Even though I consider this challenge a failure, I still think I would love to wake up a bit earlier than normal which is 6 am in most days. I would love to wake up at about 5:30 am and see if this way I will have a bit of time to eat something light and get ready slower without the stress of getting ready in the morning.

I do believe in a good night routine and I think that I need to work harder on creating a routine that will work… And this is what I came up so far:

  1. Clean and organize for 15 the living room and kitchen.
  2. Drink a glass of water.
  3. Decide the clothes you want to wear the next day.
  4. Make a chia pudding for breakfast (we love this).
  5. Take a shower (don’t own a bath).
  6. Creative time 10 minutes: Read/Journal
  7. Set alarm to 5:30 am
  8. Go to bed no longer than 23:00 without phone/TV/tablet.
  9. Go to bed at the same hour, every day.

So this is my new and improved bedtime/winddown routine, what do you think? any suggestions?

I would love to read some of your tips for waking up early or good night sleep.

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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9 thoughts on “Writer’s Log: Failing But Keep Trying

  1. I always hear about night owls and early birds, but this is the wrong approach. I think some people aren’t made for a 24hour day. My husband would love to sleep for 10 hours, and be awake for the next 10 hours. I’d love to sleep for 10 hours and be awake for the next 20 hours. I think it would be best for my if I could live my life in 30 hour “days”. I think you’re like me, and this is what will mess up your night time routine forever.

    The only thing that helps me stick to a somewhat reasonable bedtime routine is to avoid fizzy, sugary drinks. No coke, no sprite, no pepsi, no energy or sports drinks. Without the excess sugar I actually do feel tired after a long day, and I manage to fall asleep and get around 6 hours of sleep. I don’t drink coffee or tea, so this is something you might want to try avoiding too. You could give it a try and see how it goes for a week.

    I agree 100% that a shower before bedtime helps a lot too!

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    1. Yes this so true, I am just not meant to wake so early… I already wake up at 6 am when I need to go with my mom to doctors and check ups. I do need to stop drinking diet coke at the evenings though, you are so right it doesn’t help at all.

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