Summer Is Here: Why I Will Never Be A Summer Person

Hey everyone, I hope your day is going well ❤

It’s the first week of July and we already have extream heat like 38°c (about 100°f) and we’re just at the start of summer. In August, we have a few weeks of 45°c -49°c (about 113°f-120°f) That’s TOO MUCH! Too much heat to be going outside and doing things.

It’s like walking on the sun – Well not actually, hehe but it feels that way. Most of my friends and family love the summer, the beach, the people, traveling outside, the sun itself, and they feel happier and more energetic during the summer. I will never understand how they can stand this heat but I guess for some it’s wonderful but for me, it’s not. For me, summer truly ends in October. Every year I wish, hope, and pray for the winter to come and for the rain to wash all this heat and dust away. Thank you for letting me vent out and now for the actual post 😉

Here are my 10 reasons why I really don’t like summer 


First, the heat, hehe

Going outside and be in over 40 degrees and no air con in stores – Is just a crime. I am sweating like a pig (do pigs sweat?) but only on my face – now that’s charming. I hate that. And sadly, most of our summer is a huge heat wave.

Dark skin

Due to my illness, I get a very dark skin, even darker than normal. Now I know some people may find this a nice effect but I really hate it. Especially when people around me associate my dark skin with me being sick or stressed. Now I know I am over stressed but this sun is making me even darker. Ahhhh.

No Makeup

I can’t put any makeup on me – ever, because it will just melt away (yay for that).

Car from hell

Getting into my cars feel like hell itself, and that’s even before trying to put on the seatbelt without being branded for life. For how long must I endure this never-ending torture (wow that was a bit too dramatic, sorry, lol) 😀

Give me shade

I feel like a vampire, hunting down every bit of shade I can find, so I can hide underneath it and trying to close off even the smallest light that can get inside our home.

No more soup or hot coffee

I love hot drinks and soups, I like cold drinks but I love more a hot cup of coffee or tea and I will miss it.

Never ending summer

Why summer comes back so fast and seems to last for a year?

Heat Wave, Coffee n' Notes Heat Wave, Coffee n' Notes

Bugs are everywhere. I mean everywhere.

I live in the countryside and during this season we have bugs everywhere, from big to small they are everywhere and I really hate bugs.


I already suffer from huge anxiety the moment I step out the door, but during the summer you truly can’t go outside without being surrounded by huge amount of people that really enjoy this heat and can have fun outside, but for me that means even more humans outside  – Too many people everywhere I go, even just to my local supermarket. Every place I go becomes too crowded and I get panicky and start to cry in the car.

The wonderful sandstorms & dust

Every year, we seem to have in the summer huge sandstorms and dust in the air. Going outside is on your own risk, lol. But seriously we have 2-5 small sandstorms and dust hazes, that you really don’t want to go outside, it’s so unhealthy and the yellow-brown dust is covering everything. If I do go outside during this I always seem to get a rash all over my skin.

Every year I try to like summer and enjoy it like others do, but I can’t. I guess I’m just a winter person 😀

What do you love or dislike about summer?


As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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26 thoughts on “Summer Is Here: Why I Will Never Be A Summer Person

  1. Finally, someone that’s not a summer person! Thank you for posting this. I’m not a summer person either; I also feel silly, as a Blogger, because everywhere I look there’s a sunny Instagram picture, summer dresses…. Bring on Autumn! Thanks for posting.

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  2. Enjoyed reading this, we always hear why summer is great so this was an interesting post. The worst thing about summer for me is leaving the windows open and flies get in 🙈. Also getting bitten isn’t nice. Thanks for sharing! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I can agree about the heat! Normally in the UK, it doesn’t get much about 23/24 degrees C. But this year we’ve had several weeks of almost 30C! An odd day is okay, but it began to get a bit too much day after day after day… I like the summer better than the winter, partly because I have an illness that gets worse in the winter, but I like cool summers. Not too hot. :/ And I can relate about people as well, summer always means more of them and I generally like less. :/

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  4. I know what you mean! I have similar dislikes regarding summer as you do: mainly the sweltering heat, the fact that my flat doesn’t have air con and is a sun trap (argh!!!), and the fact that everywhere seems to be so much more crowded. It’s a little nervewracking when you don’t fancy swimming through crowds of people to get to places!
    I’m more of an autumn person, but what I do love about summer are the colours! The blue skies, the green grass, the intense sunsets, the pinks, yellows, red, blues, violets of all the flowers in bloom are just so stunning ❤ I think these bright colours also compliment darker skin so much better than pale (in my opinion, as a pale person myself!).
    What’s your favourite season Galit?

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    1. Omg, no air con at all – Now that’s hell 😦
      Yeah I know what you mean, I have a upcoming post of the things I kinda enjoy in the summer, lol, and the bright color is the first on that list ❤
      My favourite season is Fall and Winter as winters here are more of a huge Fall season, hehe 😀


      1. Yay, I’m looking forward to reading it! I’m glad there are things you do like about summer, we’re having a heatwave over here and us Brits are finding it way too hot, so I’m guessing it’s even hotter where you are! 😀
        I love the fall too, I think the colours are so beautiful and I like that it’s not too cold yet.

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  5. I don’t mind a bit of sun but much prefer the inbetween seasons, the constant heat and dry heat are a killer! The sandstorms don’t sound very pleasant, glad I haven’t endured one before 😛

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