Monthly Update


Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful week ❤

I thought I really need to explain my huge absence from the blog and even from the social media, lol. I don’t think you know just how much I miss reading your blog posts and just the normal chat we usually have.

May was a huge blur to me, so much is happening, my anxiety is rising high, as well as my social anxiety. I haven’t accomplished much this month and all I remember from this month is being tried, lol.

  • I barely ate normal food, lol.
  • I barely wrote a word.
  • De-Cluttered a lot.
  • Did 4 book review (so happy with that).
  • Drank very little water.
  • I have edited just a few pages 😦

I always say that life is crazy right now (I don’t like saying that btw, lol), but lately, things are spiraling out of control and summer is just around the corner. Life maybe is harder now than I thought it would be, but I’m still not willing to give up on my dreams.

I made myself a small little plan. I may not write as much as I did before, or even edit as much as I want, but it will be some progress and it’s better than nothing, right?

June is my birthday month and my birthday is only 6 days away. I don’t plan much for my birthday, maybe I’ll grab a drink with hubby but that’s it. Oh, maybe some more sleep 😉

I think most of you know (if you follow my Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat), that I’m re-organizing my closet/writing room and I am throwing out the huge closet in the room.

However, for now, I’m mostly re-arranging the area and moving things and just de-cluttering the room. I have a nice vision of what the room will be like, but for now, it’s a huge mess everywhere, lol 😀

My next Quarterly Goals are very small and very specific, in a hope to make it work better with my hectic schedule 😉

That is all for now, I hope you had a wonderful and productive month 🙂

Thank you so much for reading ❤

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14 thoughts on “Monthly Update

    1. Drinking water is still hard, but I am doing much better (1-1.5L) but I do need to drink more.
      Thank you so much for being so kind 🙂 I love blogging so much and this community is amazing ❤

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  1. Sometimes life just gets too busy. But you need to remember to take care of yourself.

    As for writing, progress is progress. Always good.

    And happy birthday in advance. 🙂

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  2. You know, I just took some time lately and thoroughly cleaned my house. I’d procrastinated it due to the whole writing/bogging thing, so I needed to do a good job.

    I went through my books and found eighteen bags for the animal rescue used book store. I pulled open cupboards and sorted through dishes. Nothing was off limits.

    And then my house was a bigger mess than when I started.

    But I got it all cleaned up and I’m happier now.

    We’re under so much pressure to be active. But really, we have to give ourselves permission to have a life. At least a little one.

    And part of living is that things happen and we have to deal with them. This is often difficult. Life doesn’t pull punches.

    May you rise to your RL challenges and emerge stronger than before. raises writing pen

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    1. Sounds just like my house right now, lol.
      I am cleaning organizing and now it is in an even bigger mess, lol 😀
      I do hope to finish it soon and then I can rest better ❤
      Thank you so much for being so sweet and supportive it really made me smile and lift up my mood 😀


  3. I think having small, achievable goals is much better than setting an adventurous goal, as much fun as they can occasionally be. Like you said, progress and progress. Hope it works out and helps lower your stress levels.


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