Book Review: The Surface’s End (Book #1)

Another book review is up 🙂
It’s was a nice read and I enjoyed the author’s twist on the Dystopian genre, a lot 🙂

The Reading Bud

27802591Author: David Joel Stevenson
Release: November 1, 2015
Series: The Surface’s End
Genre: Dystopian
Edition: Kindle
Pages: 2691 (219 pages)
Publisher: Createspace Publishing
Source: Author
Buyithere: Amazon

Rating: ★★★★ + 1/2


Near the edge of Jonah Whitfield’s small farming village lies the Deathlands – a strange desert in the middle of a lush, green landscape.

It is strictly forbidden.

Jonah often lingers at the border of the Deathlands out of curiosity, hunting wild game where no one else feels safe. When he follows a wounded deer into the desolate expanse, he stumbles upon a hatch to a futuristic underground society.

After setting eyes on a beautiful girl whose only wish is to see the surface, Jonah is determined to free her from a prison made of comfort and lies. Will he rescue her, or will he…

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