Friday Musing

It’s Friday, but more awesome… It’s Friday the 13th (so cool) 😉

This week was hard, very hard even emotionally, more so on my mom. My mom is a bit struggling at this moment, but I’m happy to be able to help her (or even try).

Also, I am currently organizing and changing my entire closets/laundry/office room. I am throwing out our huge brown (super old) closet soon… Once we can afford it, we will buy a new closet 😀 Can’t wait.


I am done with two book reviews and about to finish another one. So happy I am on schedule, even though with everything I am already juggling (lots of balls in the air). It made me think of what I can do or change, in order for me to able to accomplish more of the things I want to do.

My plan for this month is mostly to organize and rearrange the room, but I also hope to sit down and write a bit. I want to finish a few pages or at least a few scenes.

Wishing you all a wonderful Friday/weekend and happy Friday the 13th 🙂

Thank you so much for reading ❤

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13 thoughts on “Friday Musing

  1. So sorry to hear about your wee mum Galit, I’m sure it’s tough for you but I’m sure she’s super grateful to have such a supportive daughter!! Yay for the organising, I love a good de-clutter etc… makes me feel like I’ve achieved something even if it’s only clearing out a drawer lol Sending huge hugs to you my friend, hope you’re keeping as well as can be XXXXXX

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    1. Thanks hun so much ❤ I hope that soon she will feel better and stronger 🙂
      De-cluttering my house is one of the things I love doing. The house feels so much better, like everything is opened up and you can breathe 😉

      Thank you so much hun, I missed your blog so much and I do hope to catch up fast and soon on your posts ❤
      I hope you’re feeling much better and taking good care of yourself ❤ 🙂

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      1. Yes, that’s how I feel about de-cluttering too – it’s bizarrely liberating and so much more refreshing! Pllleaaase don’t be worrying about catching up on anything, you’ve enough going on huni – just know I’m always here for a chatter 🙂 always thinking of you and your wee mum, sending my hugs and love Galit! XXXXXX

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        1. Omg hun, I have thrown so many junk these past few weeks ((WOW)). I am shocked that there’s tons more to throw, lol.
          Thank you so much hun ❤ Miss you and your beautiful blog ((SO much)).

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          1. But doesn’t it feel soooooo good to de-clutter?!! hehe!!! Awwwh I miss you too!! Hope your wee mama is keeping okay Galit, saw your FB post earlier – thinking of you all soooooo much huni ❤ huge hugs XXXX

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            1. So good ❤ Sadly I have tons to de-clutter, but it truly makes me happy, lol 😀
              Thanks hun ❤ Mom is better and back at the home, she is still not feeling great but she is doing better 🙂
              Can’t wait to be all caught up with your posts, I’ve missed them a lot.

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            2. Oh I’m so glad for your mum, it’s always so good to get home and into your own environment! Makes for such a quicker recovery! Still keeping her in my prayers and wishing her a full recovery as quickly as possible. Go you for being such a supportive daughter – you’re a trooper Galit!!! I miss you too huni ❤ Thinking about you lots XXXX

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  2. I hope things get better for you mum. 🙂

    I’m having a sort out at home as well. I’ve got a lot of paperwork that’s piled up, and now it has to go!

    Happy weekend. 🙂

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