Book Review: The Magician

The MagicianThe Magician

Author: D.A. Pupa
Release Date: July 10, 2014
Genre: Psychological-Thriller. Mystery. Suspense.
Edition: Ebook (Mobi)
Pages: 316
Publisher: Wing Span press
Source: Author, loved reading it Dave 🙂
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Hurricane Sandy ravages the Jersey Shore while simultaneously providing the backdrop for a horrible crime. A serial killer takes advantage of the night’s ferocity and inflicts his own damage. The madman then disappears leaving a famed F.B.I. agent broken in the process. Frank Sorello retires from the Bureau only to be drawn back into the game after a bestselling novel by a new author raises suspicions about details inside the book. Is the homicidal maniac announcing his return or is it purely a coincidence? The intrigue builds as a young man with an intellect rivaling that of Einstein and Da Vinci is tragically connected to the Bureau’s top agent. As the investigation is renewed, the murders begin once again. While the mystery unravels no one is truly safe; neither the gated communities of Hollywood nor the hallowed grounds of an Ivy League University provide refuge from what lies waiting in the shadows. The suspense mounts as the hunt gets ever more personal when the agent’s current romantic interest becomes a target. Sorello vows to put an end to the killer’s reign in this fast-paced thriller . . .

But the killer has other plans.


5 Stars

I will keep this review short, sweet and spoilers free 😉

The Magician is an amazing story to read and I would give it 10 awesome stars in Goodreads if I could. I enjoyed every second of reading this book, from start to finish (I even read it twice) 😉

The plot caught my attention from the first few pages and since then, I was glued to the book. I’ve missed reading a good book and I normally wouldn’t read a psychological thriller, but I am so happy I did!

The plot builds up so smoothly, I truly enjoyed reading the story. The characters felt so real to me, making the book even better. I loved how the author ended each chapter, it was awesome!

The author made the main character Frank so strong but also very human, with flaws. This made me connect with Frank so much easier. James (the antagonist) was written so perfectly that I connected with him immediately, something I never thought I could (OMG).

I loved the pov changes as well, even though in most cases I don’t like it, but here… It was done perfectly. When the author showed us the killer, I was hooked, craving for more. I loved how original it was and how perfectly it was executed.

You can find everything in this book: Love, murders, revenge, obsession, and pain. All these elements are so well written, that you are literally on the edge of your seat, craving for more, calling out load for each twist in the story or at each end of a chapter.

Trust me when I say… You will want more!

Overall: The book is a fast-paced read and very intense. Also… Have you seen this fantastic/amazing cover? Wow ❤

Amazing book to read, thank you, Dave 🙂 Can’t wait for the next one 😉

Life’s unpredictable patterns had a strange way of forming a connected web.

– By Dave Pupa (The Magician)

Thank you so much for reading ❤

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8 thoughts on “Book Review: The Magician

  1. It’s great when you love a book so much. I am intrigued by the title though. I might have to read it just to find out how it relates to the story!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhh sorry about that. I wanted to write about the title but I thought it would give way too much of the story, lol (sorry).
      This is not my favorite genre, but I loved reading this book.


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