Weekly Round Up


It’s Sunday and today was a very eventful day and the heat was unbearable, I couldn’t be outside for long. I felt as if my entire flesh was burning (sorry for that image, lol). The weekend went by so fast I barely accomplished anything, lol.

Tomorrow I’m planning on going to my mom in the afternoon, and after the video chat I have with my friend, I plan to sit down and write at least 10-15 pages and catch up on some of your awesome blog posts ❤

I hope you had a very relaxing weekend. Sometimes that’s what we all need, some good rest 😀 But for now just take a deep breath, relax with some yummy drink in your hand and check out this week’s posts on Coffee n’ Notes.

Friday Musing

Friday Musing

Inspiration and motivation can come from everywhere, but for me, it sometimes comes from my dreams 😉

The Reader problems Tag


Books and more books ❤ Learn how I read and how I choose my books. This was such an awesome tag to do, I loved doing it a lot 🙂

You guys are so amazing and your comments always warm my heart, you are all so supportive, kind and sweet, thank you ❤ Don’t forget to share how was your weekend and what are your plans for the upcoming week 🙂

And as always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up

    1. Oh, no… I meant I plan to write 10 to 15 pages of my novel. Sometimes it’s easier for me to set goals by pages I will write and not word count 😉

      My writing is going somewhat slow, but okay. I am at my final few chapters and I just need some moment to myself to finish it 😀

      Btw, if you want to know, lol, I mostly write on Microsoft Word on my laptop and on my phone I write on JotterPad ❤

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      1. I used to write by pages when I was writing by hand, but now I write on my laptop with Scrivener it’s easier to do it by wordcount.
        But it’s all what works for us individually. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much hun ❤
      Sadly I barely have time to blog lately.
      My mom needs me there everyday and with the house chores, hubby, dog and barely eating any normal food, lol, If I have any time on my hands, I write. Sadly the blogging part is my last priority, even though I love it lot.

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