Weekly Round Up


Hey everyone (it’s a very late Sunday here)  😉 I hope you are all having a nice weekend ❤

I spent my Friday in the hospital with my mom, due to a huge allergy reaction she had and I only got home at 2am. I slept all through Saturday and through most of Sunday, lol.

I felt too exhausted, to do anything (I hate hospitals). Today I made some arrangements as my mom and I are going back to the hospital to do a biopsy and see why my mom’s legs are so puffy and red. Tomorrow it’s going to be a busy day as well… Yay 😉

This weekly round-up will be short, so let’s jump right into it 😀

Quarterly Goals Recap

Quarterly Goals Recap

Here, you can see how I did in my last quarter of Jan-Mar. I had over 20 goals and the goal was to achieve at least half of them. These were really busy, three months.

Quarterly Goals


See what goals I’ve set up for myself for the next quarter of Apr-Jun. This is the second time I am doing Quarterly Goals and so far I really love it. It’s really hard and overwhelming to look at all the goals and try to finish them all in one month. This way I try to stay accountable and it makes me feel less overwhelmed (win-win) 🙂

That is all for this weekly round-up, I hope it will inspire you to go and set up some goals for your projects and for the things you want to achieve.

Take it easy tomorrow (after all, it’s Monday, lol and if you are like me… I see lots of coffee in your future 😉


As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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