Friday Musing

Friday Musing

It’s Friday you guys, Yay 😀

This week was hard but okay. I didn’t accomplish the things I wanted but I have organized tons of papers for my mom.

My biggest Musing for this week is a post I read by the lovely Karen of Confetti & Curves. Her post inspired me as many of her posts 😉 to revamp and optimize my blog and I have been working on my photos and older blog posts.

I also updated my social media icons and links and started to think about some changes that will help my wonderful readers find things faster.

It’s a hard & long process, but worth it 😀

My computer got fixed (ish). It’s still acting up but at least now I can work with it and maybe even, game ((fingers crossed)) 😉 I have so many things to do that got delayed by having no computer like book reviews… Here I come 😉 And it will be so much easier working on my blog through the computer and not my phone, lol (yay).

Now that I have my computer back, my plans for the rest of the month are done, the overdue due book reviews (sorry hun for being so late) and fixed a few things around my blog 😀

Gil working on computer
That’s my plan for the weekend 😀

What are your plans for this weekend?

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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17 thoughts on “Friday Musing

  1. Your contents are really awesome. I think I am in love with your writing. You should start a self hosted blog Galit. 🙂

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  2. YAAAAAAAAAY your computer is fixed!!!! Well, kind of hehe However it’s fantastic news to have you back on the air waves hehe Awwh thank you so much for the lovely mention wee chum, I’m chuffed to bits that my post was so inspirational for you! Sending huge hugs, hope you have as best a week ahead as possible 🙂 Karen Xo xo xo

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    1. Omg, I am so happy 🙂 😀 it’s my easier to post and edit through the computer, lol. They always are hun 💕 My Week started out busy but good, we have tons of doctors to see this week, but other than that I am so happy about my computer that it made my week, lol.
      Hope you’re having a great day 😍

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      1. I bet it is Galit, honestly we really do take our machines for granted when they decide to go on sick leave lol Hope its nothing too serious re Docs, keeping the faith all remains positive!!! Having a lovely day huni, and hoping the same for you too hugs XXXX

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  3. You have a lot planned for this weekend. My husband and I are going out for a light dinner because I, too, am way behind. I’ve been trying to catch up on my reading and schedule some additional reviews. Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday, so I should be able to get a lot done since Hubby won’t leave the TV for all of the pre-game and the game itself.
    Have a wonderful and productive weekend. Hugs, my dear.

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    1. Yeah, always do, lol.
      Going out for dinner sounds great hun 😍 I am so late on my reviews, lol.
      You are so sweet, thanks hun and I hope you had a great weekend and week 😄❤️

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  4. At least you have a plan. Glad your computer is back. I had a snow day today so I’m treating today like a Saturday and working on blogging, writing, and reading. Yay!

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