Weekly Round Up


Hey everyone, happy and safe Sunday to you all ❤

So much happened this week, lol. My mom moved to a new place, and we had so much to do with organizing things and get the papers organized for all the doctors’ appointments we have this week 😀

I was able to do a few of the things that were more urgent to me (been very productive, lol) but I’m still so behind on my blog posts reading – sorry about that. I think after this week I will take a long nap (for a few days) 😀

Quarterly Goals


Risking public humiliation 😉 I posted my goals for these upcoming three months of Jan-Mar (wish me luck) 😀

Friday Musing

Friday Musing

You can find inspiration everywhere and I found mine on YouTube, lol 😉

Well… I did.

Mini Update


A small update of my week and what I’ve been doing while I was away for two weeks.

How was your week? Did you accomplish some of the things you wanted?

Thank you so much for reading ❤

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up

    1. Thanks 😀 My mom is getting to know the new place, although there a few hiccups here and there, overall the place does look better than the one she was before.
      I think it will take a month ir two to truly see how things works here and if she lokes it or not, lol, but so far I think she doing okay 💖

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