Friday Musing

Friday Musing

Happy Friday everyone,

This is the first Friday Musing of 2016, how exciting 😀

2016 is here

A lot of you asked, so I thought I would answer it here, lol. I am still sick. My throat is doing much better, but it still burns, especially in the morning and at night (don’t know why, lol).

This Friday Musing is very like a short preview of a post I am doing schedule to be posted in two weeks 😉 it’s inspired by the lovely Karen from Confetti and Curves and it’s about my notebooks 😀

This past few day I had (and still do) a huge burn inside of me to buy notebooks, somehow (I really don’t know how, lol) I burned through all my notebooks without even noticing it (so weird).

Finding the right notebook always been very hard for me, but today I found an awesome one and I saw some cool 3 notebooks I want 😀

Finding these little gems was so fun and so inspiring to me. As soon as I see the right notebook, I am hooked. My mind gets fills with tons of idea and notes (Just heaven <3).

Do you ever get inspired by a new notebook? Or is just me, lol 😉

I hope your first day of the New Year was inspiring and relaxed 😀

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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15 thoughts on “Friday Musing

  1. Notebooks! You mean some people aren’t convinced they’re one of the greatest joys on earth? 😉

    I hope you feel well soon. Notesbooks are powerful, but they an only do so much.

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          1. I stocked up on standard boring ones so I wouldn’t feel like I had to be special when I wrote in them. But what’s with the impending death of regular spiral notebooks? I go to Taiwan for six years, come back, and have to hunt (and pay outrageous prices) for the things that used to be a staple of my existence.

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            1. My hope at this point is that we can at least find them at back to school time next summer. Don’t take away our notebooks! And don’t charge us so much. I mean, really. We are on a mission. 🙂

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  2. I love notebooks. I ordered some the other day. Can’t wait until they arrive. They’re very inspiring, and just so pretty to look at. 🙂 I hope your throat gets better soon.

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