Weekly Round Up


Happy Sunday to all my wonderful readers and fellow bloggers,

My week was crazy and hectic, it seems as time goes by, my days get more hectic by the minute, lol (oh well). NaNoWriMo has ended and it felt so amazing to win and write so much in so little time (still buzzed about it). It’s been a bit hard to juggle my work as a writer with hubby, mom, home, and blogging.

I am still working on my future blog posts and scheduling everything just right.I took my first plan I talked about before. I am trying to take into consideration all the things I need to do and want to achieve πŸ˜€

So.. let’s go back to today’s recap of what’s been happening on Coffee n’ Notes this week. Sorry that I haven’t posted much this week, things will slowly go back to normal (I hope).

Friday Musing


After a busy week, just enjoying my time and resting, while still feeling buzzed and inspired by NaNoWriMo πŸ˜€

I Won NaNoWriMo (Woo-Hoo)


NaNoWriMo this November was so hard (harder than I ever remembered, lol), but I enjoyed every second of it and I learned so much. Just the learning itself was worth all the hectic and madness πŸ˜‰

I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday and taking a little time to rest and do the things you love ❀

As always, thank you so much to you all for your wonderful support and your lovely comments, they always make me smile and feel tons better.

As always, thank you so much for reading ❀

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up

  1. Brill posts and still delighted at you winning Nano πŸ™‚ Do enjoy the weekly round up Galit πŸ™‚ Now you can take a break to rest those weary digits of yours – I’m sure your computer keys are almost worn away lol XXXX

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  2. I hope you’ve been having a wonderful weekend hun! Congrats again on winning! You amaze me with everything that you do! πŸ™‚ xo

    Liked by 1 person

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