10 Writing Fears I Bottle Up #writers #BlogBattle

These fears followed me for too many years and even stopped me from writing for too long.



I am very good at bottling upmy writing fears.

Apparently sharing fears helps alleviate some of the pressure and can be therapeutic.

Today is a special day readers. I have decided to share my writing fears. I am not bottling up these scary beauties anymore!

So here are my top 10 writing fears:

  1. I am worriedno one will like my book. When I started blogging this fear started out as ‘no one will like my writing’ and now that I am writing a novel this fear has upgraded itself. I love a fear upgrade!
  2. I worry that I am as not as good as other writers. I don’t think I am the only writer who wastes valuable time looking at what other writers are doing whilst slowly torturing herself.
  3. I worry that I am not intelligent enough to write a decent book. All the books that I read seem really…

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