Nano Update {Week Two}

It’s a wonderful Saturday, full of rest 😉

I hope you are all having a nice and relaxed day/weekend.

I woke up late today and hubby put some episodes we missed throughout the week and it was so much fun to catch up, eat junk food and enjoy the day ❤

If you missed my first NaNoWriMo Update and want to see how it went, just click here 🙂

This Nano update sadly will be very short, lol. I barely wrote a single word this week and as I wrote in the previous post of Friday Musing I plan to do a massive writing on Sunday (12K-14K), so wish me luck because I will surely need it, lol.

Days 8+9+10 I didn’t write at all, so I stayed on the same word count of 11,150.

Days 11+12 I wrote just a few small scenes, but didn’t update my nano site.

Day 13 I came back home very tired but still thought of the scenes I wrote the day before and started to elaborate on them and the words just flew smoothly (2400 words). Making me jump a bit on my word count to 13,550.

Day 14 (Today) Haven’t written anything yet and I don’t think I will write today at all.

Tomorrow I need to be on the 25K, so that is why I plan to do only 1 thing tomorrow and it’s to write. Just write as much as I can, from 7am – 16pm and hopefully reach my goal by then. I don’t like being behind on my words but with all I have to do throughout the week, I guess it was unavoidable.

If you’re doing Nano, I hope you are having a productive writing and to everyone else, I hope your day is going great as well 😀

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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16 thoughts on “Nano Update {Week Two}

  1. You’re doing great, hun. Life always comes in between so don’t worry about it. And as I read in your tweets I guess you’ve already made good with all the words. So, great job and a big thumbs up to you!!!
    Keep roliin’, sweetheart ❤
    All the very best!

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  2. To all of you who are doing NaNo, keep up the good work. I know there are days you don’t feel like working on your writing or you just have too much to do, but there’s always tomorrow. Hugs.

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    1. Omg, hun… That is such a wonderful advice and so supportive 😃💕 It’s so true, there are days that I can’t write no matter how much I want and I used to feel ao guilty about it, but now… Now I know that tomorrow is a new day to write 😍
      Thank you so much 😃

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  3. Half way to my word count goal for today, and on rack. Which is a nice feeling. But last year I was ill at the start of November and missed the first week of writing completely. And still won. So if I can do that, you can do this. 🙂

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    1. LOL, I am sure we will both make it this year. Last year I didn’t win. I started out well, but then my mom had her second CVA and the entire month was gone in a flash.
      But this year I plan to win and if I will to do every Sunday (free day) a massive writing – I will 😀
      We Can Do This ❤

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  4. I lacked inspiration this week, too. I only wrote one a couple thousand words one day so I’m at 17k-something right now. I’m hoping to catch up over the weekend, but we’ll see… I hope inspiration (and time) strikes for you!

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    1. 17K is great. You are closer to catch up and I’m sure you will 🙂
      Thanks, for me time is the issue but tomorrow I want to wake up early and start writing until I’ll drop, lol 😀

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