The Fireworks Book Tag


Happy Monday to you all, I hope you are all having a nice day πŸ™‚

Today I was with my mom and even though she felt a bit weak and not so well, she went to the appointment and I even think her mood was getting better (just felt like sharing) πŸ˜€

I wasn’t tagged to do this tag, lol, but I saw it over Tasha’s blog The Bookie Monsters a while back and I really liked her answers and thought it could be a fun tag to do. Don’t be shy and go over and say hello, Tasha’s blog is such a fun blog about books and she is such a wonderful blogger to meet.

((Don’t forget to click on the picture for more information about the books))

Screamers: A book that made you want to scream! (In a good or bad way)

22747592Here, there were tons of screaming, all good screams though. With each page I turned I was more curled up on the edge of my sofa, closer leaning over the book and screaming both in my head and more than often on the outside (Amazing book by a very talented author).

Bombers: A book that you read before it β€œexploded” in the book community

I really can’t think of a book I’ve read before everyone, lol. I am usually very late on my reading, so I mostly read books way after the book community buzzed about them.

Banger: A banned book you read

I really don’t know which books are banned and which are not.

Peony: A book/author you think everyone needs to read

SarahJMaas RobinHobb

Sarah J. Maas (Left Pictures) and Robin Hobb (Right Picture)
I love reading books by these two authors. They both built amazing worlds with strong characters within their novels.

((Btw, author’s pictures were taken from good old google)).

Crossette: A book/series with a complicated plot

The only thing that jumps to my mind is…


I love reading his books so much and I’ve read a few times over the course of my life, but they are complicated and amazing ❀

((The picture was taken from Goodreads))

Diadem: A book/series with a set of amazing central characters

There are so many omg… This question is hard. After much thinking, I’ve chosen…


I love these two book series so much and in both of them, I think the characters are strong and amazing.

((Pictures were taken from Goodreads))

Matches: Light your own fireworks by tagging 5 people!

I am not going to nominate anyone, but I am tagging you (yes you!) and everyone else who wants to do this tag so that no one is left out. If you think this looks like fun and it was (fun), have a go at it!

Looking forward to reading your comments on some of your favorite characters and authors or even just answering a question or two (or more, lol) from this tag πŸ˜€

As always, thank you so much for reading ❀

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9 thoughts on “The Fireworks Book Tag

  1. I’ve read the Hunger Games and really enjoyed it. And I’ve just got Game of Thrones and have positioned it to read next. Looking forward to it, it sounds really good.

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