Nano Update


Happy Saturday to you all

I hope you are all having a nice and relaxed weekend. Weekend for me was a bit hectic and tons of work to do, but I also was able to sleep and I love sleeping 😀

So… Nano is here and week one is gone (hehe). So far I had only 3 days of truly giving it all and write, while on the other days I just couldn’t.

Days 1+2  I wrote a bit more than 5K which was amazing and I felt good.

Day 3  I wrote less, but still manged to write over 3K.

Day 4  I didn’t write at all, not a single word. I was with my mom and hubby got sick and even I didn’t feel at my best.

Days 5+6  These day were still hectic and even more than usual, but I still was able to write here and there and was able to write the words I needed to be at the 10K mark. I even was able to go over it a bit 😀

Day 7  Not a single word, lol. I haven’t been writing all day as most of the day went to cleaning, organizing, washing and cooking.

So far I am only a bit behind in my word count, 10,285/11,667 but I do hope to catch up on my word count this week and if I’m lucky enough reach my goal. If you are doing Nano I hope all is going great with your word count and to you all, I hope you are having a wonderful and relaxed weekend 😀

Thank you so much for reading ❤



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