5 Stages of the Writer’s Twitter Break #Writer #Amwriting

Such a grreat post Lucy, love it, lol.
Just made me laugh Love your writing hun ๐Ÿ™‚



1. Awareness โ€“ You have been at it (writing) for several hours / half hour / a good ten minutes and you get the โ€˜Writer Twitter urgeโ€™ โ€“ very similar to itching a spot. Fingers start twitching and you take a couple of sharp breaths to try and ignore it. Just like an itchy spot you canโ€™t ignore the โ€˜Writer Twitter urgeโ€™ โ€“ you become aware of your desire for a spot of tweeting โ€“ cue your Writerโ€™s Twitter Break!

2. Justification โ€“ This stage is where you justify the need for a Writerโ€™s Twitter Break. Writers always feel guilty for tearing themselves away from their work, it can be heart wrenching to step away from an awkward draft.

So any breaks have to be justified โ€“ sigh!

So you will say the following things to yourself before you open up Twitter:

  • โ€œI am writer and I need toโ€ฆ

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