Book Review: Ghosts of Manitowish Waters

Loved the idea of the book, but it just didn’t click for me.

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Author: G.M. MooreReleaseDate: September 5, 2014
Series: None
Genre: Fantasy | Suspense
Edition: mobi
Pages: 2465
Publisher: Self-Published
Source: Author
Buy it here: Amazon


Fifteen-year-old Tess O’Brien finds her life inexplicably intertwined with the rebellious teen Cain Mathews and the conflicted Wesley Thayer as they search the vast Wisconsin woodlands for a mystical albino deer herd.

An ominous curse, a mysterious fog and villainous poachers plague their journeys as the three struggle to come to terms with their lives, their parents and the wilderness they love.

“Ghosts of Manitowish Waters “is a coming of age story about finding your own path and following it. It’s a lesson in knowing when to obey your parents and when to have the courage to defy them.




I managed to reach chapter eight (page 762) on my second read and after…

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14 thoughts on “Book Review: Ghosts of Manitowish Waters

  1. Funny that the book only has 216 pages and the reviewer reached page 762. Obviously she liked it a lot have read it 3 times!! I’d take this review with a grain of salt as doesn’t appear to have a lot of validity to it.

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    1. LOL It’s a Kindle page… On the Kindle you have in total of 2465 pages (still a short book).
      But as I said… People click to all sorts of books and even though I didn’t liked this book, someone else can love it (that’s how reading works) and that is what so great about reading.
      There are books for everyone 🙂 Like I loved Harry Potter so much and my best friend hates that books and that’s okay. We are not all meant to love and hate the same books.


  2. Ohw man Im sorry it wasnt of your liking ! I know the feeling hhaa I didnt read the book but yeah if I find a book Meeh its hard for me to continue 🙈 -Trang

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    1. It is so hard not to finish a book and before I ever started with reviewing book I always finished book (well… most of them i liked a lot, lol). But yes, if I see that I need to read it a few times and still not able to finish… it’s time to put it aside 😀

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  3. Such a shame it didn’t work out for you Galit, looks like it could have so much potential but like yourself if a book isn’t working for me I just have to leave it otherwise I’m scanning words and taking nothing in 😦 Karen xo

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    1. Yeah I know, I do that too. I have tried to read it a few times, but I couldn’t. I think that I couldn’t connect to the characters and that’s where it fell for me mostly.

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        1. I am taking a bit of a break with book reviews for Heena as after London we are entering tons of holidays, lol.
          But yes, I hope so too 😀
          I do want to finish writing the review for the book: A court of thorn and roses. But after that… I think I will take a little break from reading (just a bit).

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          1. Wise thing if it puts pressure on!! Oddly enough I’ve just started a new book after months of a break from my kindle… I’ve missed it so much 🙂 Nice to go to bed with a great book again! hehe Ooooh when do you go to London? So exciting!!! XXX

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            1. It’s so nice to have a nice book to read 🙂 What are you reading?
              We are going to land on the 5th and we will arrive to the hotel at 8am, I think.
              Yes… I can’t wait and I am starting to feel the excitement build up 😀

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            2. I’ve just started a Marian Keyes book… it’s called The Woman Who Stole My Life. Just started it so still getting into it – I’m a huge fan of Marian so hoping it’s as good as the rest of her reads 😀
              Oh wow – that’s soooo close, you’re gonna have an amazing time 🙂 Hope you’re getting packed up already – I’d probably have my bags sat ready at the door!! lol Bring your thermals, it’s a little cooler than you might be used to at the mo hehe xxx

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            3. Sounds nice hun, I will check out her books 🙂
              I have started to pack, mostly the little things in small bags and soon I want to sort out my makeup and perfumes, lol.
              Thanks hun, I really can’t wait… Can’t believe that my dream is coming true 💗
              I am bringing with me some warmer clothes, lol ((but for now… Dreaming of the cold, lol) ) 💕❄

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            4. Awwwh you sounds soooo excited!!! Enjoy every moment of the experience, even the packing is part of it too 😀 You’re gonna have an amazing time Galit 🙂 XX

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